Steve Wozniak thinks Microsoft may be more innovative than Apple

TechCrunch spoke to Steve Wozniak at spoke at TEDx Brussels this week, and in response to a question about whether he thought Microsoft was more innovative than Apple he listed a number of new innovations by Microsoft which caused him to worry that Apple may lose ground for “making the same thing as they used to make.”

There is no denying that Microsoft is making a huge bet with Windows 8– one that if it pays off will certainly make Microsoft look very prescient.

Do our readers think Microsoft is more innovative than the richest company in the world? Let us know below.


  • Erik Pienknagura

    Its always been and always will be, no doubt about it, thanks to its research that they share with the world and the constant support with governments and unrelated investments in areas different than their business

  • Njoi Fontes

    It is so painfully obvious that Microsoft is much more inovative than apple even a blild person would see that. Real inovation has not come from apple since the original iphone

    • Ruufus

      Agreed and agreed with Steve W. It seems all companies go thru these cycles – 1) innovate, gain market; 2) improve product, stagnant, lose market; 3) react – it time or too late – in correct direction or not: 4) then succeed again, fail and close, or become an “also plays but far behind” company. In other words, it is not a Microsoft vs. Apple thing – it is a market economy thing. Who know?

  • bobdoe

    Since you ask, no I do not think Microsoft is any more innovative than a reactionary company.

  • Gavin Tom

    I liek Steve he really just speaks his mind and is a tech geek like the rest of us here. Being more informed and open to new ideas and not just one sided it always a big plus and advantage in my book.

  • Meekermoloko

    More than Apple? Yes. More than Google? Not lately. At least, from what they show us. Who knows what they all have behind closed doors?

  • dingus

    What a joke, an absolute joke.
    Anybody other than an isheep knows that ms innovates more than ibullshitcorp. there’s no “may be” more innovative about it. They ARE ACTUALLY more innovative.

  • J A

    He “thinks” MS “may” be more innovative? Why does he think MS is on the top of the most valuable patent holders list? Is Apple even on the list at all? These guys think laptop, desktop, and other toys are where innovation ends? They need to venture out of this little area and see innovation in every area imaginable.

  • N1NJ4K1LL3R

    Is that a picture of who I think it is? and he’s holding a Windows Phone? … That just made my day.