Sticker Shock: PS4 To Cost $1850 In Brazil

Playstation fans in Brazil are looking for a second job as Sony announced their upcoming next generation console will cost nearly $1850 USD in the South American country.  The reason for the high cost has to do with the high import tax placed on electronics and other goods not produced in the country.  For some Brazilians it may be cheaper to fly the US buy the console and fly back.   Sony has decided to pass most of the cost onto the consumer.

Microsoft on other hand has decided to eat the majority of the cost of their more expensive console and will only charge Brazilians approximately $1000 for the Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

  • Daniel Andrade

    Actually it seems that the Xbox One (or at least some parts of it) will be produced here in Brazil, allowing this huge difference in price (due to taxes cut). The best option for Brazilians is to go to Chile ( ~U$250 plane tickets) and buy the PS4 there for ~U$800.

    • omMarcus Asdrubal C. Navarro

      Wrong, the first Xbox One’s here will be imported. The production only starts on 2014. With all the fees and taxes here, PS4 would cost no more than 1100 USD. The other 750 USD is to repay sony for selling on 400 bucks on america..

      • bnlf

        Correct. There’s still ppl who believes on that spreadsheet Sony released. You don´t need to be an expert to be able to do the math and see those numbers from Sony are not true. Xone price, although still expensive, is right. They are not losing money. The correct math for taxes + a small profit for retailers.

      • Daniel Andrade
    • Cesar

      Another good idea is go to Peru, here the price will be US$650 😀

    • MSFTmanJosh

      Wrong, the best option is to buy the Xbox One

      • Daniel Andrade


  • Usman Mohammad

    This is being reported because? Please stick to Microsoft news and stop being fanboys.

    • Sunovavic

      U. Mohammadbro?

      • bnlf

        lol good one

      • Usman Mohammad

        XD, good one

  • Cesar_Mattos

    Sony doesn’t care about Brazil. Why buy a PS4?
    at least Microsoft is creating jobs over there

    • Emily the Strange

      because hating on Xbox one and Microsoft is a cool thing to do, I mean… wasnt brazil one of those countries that wanted to go open source? that doesn’t sound so Microsoft friendly lol

      also other people thinking sony is the cool consolse because its from japan and “i like anime” (or some japanese wannabe expression).

      also im sure some people will think PS4 is the cool thing because you see it appear in UEFA Champions League games, and not Xbox, since that you can only see Xbox in other sports (which im sure are better than soccer) in soccer Seattle sounders has xbox in their jerseys and sometimes I saw concacaf gold cup having xbox on the stadiums, but those things are probably not interesting for Brazilians.

      but basically i think its because people think Microsoft is evil, and sony is good so they must do a better console, and of course they wont see the benefits of xbox one console because they get blinded when they see “Microsoft” label on it.

      • Will

        Man, with this and apple in general, its pretty pricey to be “cool” these days.

  • nohone

    Is it me, or does that look like a Tootsie Roll?

    • Will