Strangeloop finds IE10 to be 8% faster than Chrome 20


In a study of website and browser performance Strangeloop, a provider of web acceleration solutions to companies like eBay and Visa, has found that Microsoft’s latest greatest browser has finally taken the crown over their main rival, Google’s Chrome.

In a test of loading the Alexa Retail 2000, the 2000 biggest commercial websites, they found IE10 loaded webpages fractionally faster than Firefox on first view, and 8% faster than Google Chrome 20.

The result was also apparent when it came to re-visiting a page, when IE10 also edged out Google Chrome and Firefox.

The study is good news for Windows 8 tablet users, where the browser will likely remain the default Metro browser, and for Windows Phone 8 users, where users do not have a choice regarding the default browser. 

The study can be downloaded at Strangeloop here.

  • Sunovavic

    My friend just bought the Nexus 7 and I was playing with it. I went to on both the Nexus 7 and my HD7 and the ie9 on my phone performed better than the chrome on his Nexus 7.

  • MarcXW

    This is great news. Microsoft really needs to improve marketing of Internet Explorer though. Many people, despite these improvements, will still claim that IE is ancient and that Chrome is the best browser available. I always keep a second browser at hand in case one decides to bug for no reason, but I’ve never had to use it yet and IE really has become the best browser I’ve ever used.

    • Zicoz

      Problem is: Who are they supposed to market it to? The tech savy people will always hate IE just because it’s IE. And the rest of the market doesn’t really care.

  • Dr. Impossible

    As much I have decried and not used IE in the last years, ie9 on my phone works impressively smooth and quik.

  • Zicoz

    This is exactly the sort of test I’ve wanted for a long time. Who cares if a browser runs through a bunch of generic java scripts? What matters is actual loading times for pages.

    • Smity Smiter

      well, what if the page is loaded with a lot of javascript? Eg: FB, Gmail?

      • Zicoz

        Doesn’t matter at all. Think of it as 3DMark benchmarking vs actual gaming benchmarks. The developers of the browsers can simply fine tune their browsers to perform great in stuff like the sunspider test and it will give a false picture.

        • Smity Smiter

          Yes, but I wasn’t talking about sunspider, I was talking about their javascript-engine performance(Chakra engine I believe), not any particular set of tests.

          • Zicoz

            Ah, sorry I see now that I should have written “generic java script benchmarks”, but I think my point still stands, it’s tests like these that actually shows which browser is the fastetst.

  • Kitab

    Hello! ie10 for win 7, when?