Students redesign the Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 8

imageAs part of their Interaction Design course, two Penn State University Students have redesigned the Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 8, with a whole new, more gesture-friendly shape and new gestures just for Windows 8.

The students, Kiseok Sung and Mouni Reddy were not just working on their own however, and had some help from Microsoft Hardware.  Who knows, maybe their good ideas will turn up in a product after all.

Read more about their project at their website here.

  • Mouni Reddy

    Thank you for sharing it, Pradeep. Read the site everyday (multiple times)..

    • Adriel Dennis Mingo

      Awesome job Mouni and Kiseok! Hope to see this come to fruition for Win8

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing

  • Gopikrishnamullapudi

    I like the background music too

  • Rajesh Ramachandran

    Great work Mouni and Kiseok!

  • JimmyFal

    I think the rise of the Phoenix part should be a Win 8 commercial. Time for the Windows fan base to show their mojo this fall…

  • Dr. Scarlett Miller

    I’m so proud of my students, they did a fantastic job! Check out our class projects at

  • Anonymous
  • Paul Renda

    What a FANTASTIC concept. I just hope it doesn’t cost as much as a tablet… :-)