Surface 2 With AT&T LTE Pricing Revealed, $679 For 64 GB

Surface 2 LTE AT&T

Just few hours back we reported that Microsoft Surface with LTE will be available soon to customers as the devices are being shipped to Microsoft Stores. WPCentral has now revealed the pricing of one of the LTE SKUs. Microsoft Surface 2 with AT&T LTE will go on sale for $679 for 64GB.It will support 850/900/1800/1900 2G, 3G UMTS (bands 1,2, 5) and LTE (bands 4, 7, 17).

I think the price you pay for LTE which is about $130 more than the Wi-Fi model of same storage is high. Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet which has same specs as Surface 2 LTE starts at $499.

Do you think Microsoft is making mistake by pricing it higher?

Source: WPCentral

  • 5Lk9m2Q7NR

    Still too expensive. Only guess is that Microsoft doesn’t want to sell many of RT devices.

    • cybersaurusrex

      Agree. Seems high.

    • tofferne

      Yes to high Price, Microsoft are doing everything to kick the customers away to other brands. But anyway the Surface tablet is not bad, we have good experience with two of them – RT. Everything with MS are always uphill and a game.

    • donzebe

      Maybe they really want to make the surface high end tablets to give it’s OEM’s the opportunity to sell at a lower price. Microsoft may be more interested in encourage it’s OEM’s to produce quality windows product at a lower price than competing with them

  • donzebe

    ATT may want the price higher so customer will buy it on the subsidize contract plan.

    • Tips_y

      ^This might explain the stratospheric price.

    • Joe_HTH

      Then why does the Lumia 2520 tablet with LTE cost $500, almost $200 cheaper than this?

  • Pulaski

    Price is too high. It will kill the product.

  • jcfan1979

    Way too expensive for the addition of a glorified radio. The chip or card or whatever they use probably only cost them 5 dollars or even less. As others have said, I guess they don’t want to ever win large market share. $50 dollars minimum additional cost is all I would pay for the “privilege” of LTE.

  • Allan Cantillo

    Again the price is obviously wrong, when will they learn?

  • Termin8ed

    Such a shame because they are such a brilliant product.
    Maybe the role of the Surface now is just to set the quality bar without burning the other OMs on price.

  • Tips_y

    The stratospheric price takes my breath away!

  • Joe_HTH

    That’s a ridiculous price. $130 for a friggin LTE chip? Get the hell out of here Microsoft. This company will never learn. They’re trying to play catch up, yet the pull crap like this. Nokia can put LTE in their tablet for $500.

  • XBoxerOne

    The reaction here is exactly reality the new CEO has to face. Most people, including fanboys, think price when it comes to Windows. They have been conditioned for years to believe everything with Windows is crap so buy on price.

    In part MSFT is to blame, they encourage OEM to make things as cheap to sale quantity not quality and in return MSFT sold more Windows and more Office software. OEM made a little money MSFT made a lot of money, everyone was happy.

    Not any more, people are finding alternatives that is treating the goose and it’s golden eggs. Difficult time for MSFT, and the fact even fans unwilling to pay for quality proves it.

  • bibleverse1

    Dear MS get ATT to subsidize these.