Surface delivery pushed back in China due to shipping delay?

Microsoft-SurfaceWe have just received a note from a reader in China who has been told via email by Suning, a large retailer in China and one of the official distributers, that pre-orders for the tablet will only be fulfilled in early November.

On further enquiry he was told that the launch in Hong Kong has been pushed back due to transportation issues in Hong Kong. The irony is of course that the tablet is being assembled in China by Pegatron.

Have any more of our Chinese readers received such a communication? Let us know below.

Thanks Gabe for the tip.

  • Johan Nilsson

    Is this a lagging result of that email that was sent from MS by mistake?

    • Gabe T

      As much as I wish this was true, the lady from Suning has crashed my hope over the phone by confirming that there is a shipping delay happening here in Hong Kong.

      Perhaps those shipments are needed elsewhere due to the “unexpected high demand”? Anyway I’m a sad panda now.

      • lkachun9129

        therefore I sent them an email and ask for an explanation…. see what will they reply….

  • lkachun9129

    yes…. I received a call telling me I wont be able to pick up the Surface on time….

  • steveo99

    My order in HK was delayed too. These things must be selling like hot cakes. This will give me a chance to weigh up some of the other options now such as the Acer W510.

  • sam

    I paid a 1000hkd deposit already to Suning store directly for the 32gb one, expecting that I will get it by 26th. But they called me today telling me that i can only get it by first week of november. The weird thing is that my preorder from the web (the 64gb one), seems to be alright, i didn’t get any email/call from them about any delay. I smell something fishy here.

    • GabeT

      Interesting. Perhaps the people from Suning are mistaken as well as a result of that wrongly sent email from MS? One can still hope 😀

  • shenzhen2112

    Ack! I’m not affected, yet. I don’t think I’ll get back to the States until February. My plan, so far has been to preorder a Surface… make that two Surface Pros when they ‘surface’ in early 2013. But now I’m thinking twice. I guess ultimately waiting one or two weeks won’t be as bad as waiting two months though.
    I sure wish MS would release the Pro earlier! I saw FIVE windows 8 tablets in the wild at Haiancheng today in Nanshan district Shenzhen. Three with Lenovo branding, one at McDonalds next to Poly Theater and two at Starbucks. Then later in the early afternoon I saw two of some other indeterminable make being used at some Hotpot joint across from the Jusco entrance! All were 16:9 screen ratio not running RT. Interestingly it still looks like these users all opted to use Internet Explorer 10 in desktop mode rather than Metro. Not sure what that means but I thought it was noteworthy.
    I guess the Chinese manufacturers have given some of their priveledged employees the go ahead to flaunt W8 goodness in the wild ahead of the release date. Lucky sons of beaches…

  • GabeT