Another New Accessory For Microsoft Surface, Docking Station Is Coming

A new report claims Microsoft is building a docking station for the Surface Pro 2. The dock will allow for easy attachment of a keyboard and mouse.  There will be three USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port on the dock as well as the ability to attach to an external display via a mini DisplayPort. It will also feature a 1 Gbps Ethernet port, dedicated microphone and headphone/speaker ports.

This will allow the Surface to be a complete desktop replacement for many users. It will be compatible only with Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

Sources have not provided timing or price at this time, however speculation is that it may launch with the Surface Pro 2.

confirms many of the details:

Pro only: It will be compatible with Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, but not Surface RT or Surface 2.

Design: The Docking Station is kind of a hulking device where the Surface Pro/2 slides in at an angle and is held in place with by arms on the side that are pulled out to release the tablet.

Video out: The Surface Docking Station provides a mini DisplayPort port for video-out.

USB: It provides one USB 3.0 port (on the side) and three USB 2.0 ports (on the back).

Networking: The Docking Station features a 1 Gbps Ethernet port.

Other ports: It also includes dedicated microphone and headphone/speaker ports.

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  • Willem Evenhuis

    Ugh, it feels like they’re still trying hard to de-evolutionize a tablet to a desktop.I would rather like to see microsoft invest in a protective case with integrated battery, now that would make the use of the surface 2 more functional and sexy!

    • PG2G

      It seems silly to spend $1k+ on a machine that has the internals of a real computer but not have any easy way to bring it home and use it as a real computer. This was necessary and should have been done from day one.

      That said, things will get really interesting when we can dock a phone and get a full up desktop environment…

      • Mike366

        You can always connect a secondary monitor and keyboard/mouse to Surface RT/Pro since day one. The docking station is more convenient though

    • saqrkh

      Not necessarily. Imagine taking what you’ve been working on at the office with you to a meeting or something (to demo) by just picking up the tablet.

      • Willem Evenhuis

        I have a surface pro, but so have not needed an array of peripherals, the type cover and touch screen are more than adequate, that’s what I like so much about my surface pro, a small power portable package that you can take anywhere and use easily. No need for mouse or another keyboard. The one usb port is enough for my external storage and the special power adaptor is more than adequate for charging. So in my experience a dock is nor necessary but a case would make more sense in my experience for the surface portfolio. There are windows 8 tablets by acer, msi, lenovo and others that provide a keyboard/dock combo. Let the surface be different, innovative, and practicle in a different way, let them make a case. If I wanted a dock, I could have gone for the Lenovo thinkpad. But I chose the surface, because of the in the hands use and feel, the minimalism. I think a battery case would be petfect in the design philisophy, not a dock. Okay, I will stop this pleading rant now for sake of not escalating into a monologue but wanting to engage in the discussion.

        • SpitefulGOD

          Not a developer then

          • Willem Evenhuis

            Yes, not a developer… But do have ideas for apps. Can you teach me?:)

        • saqrkh

          I also own a Pro, and when at a desk for work I always connect it to a larger monitor and dock with extra USB ports. But on the go, the Pro and its Type Cover are great, in fact, I enjoy using it more than a laptop when at meetings, presentations, etc. It’s a workmate.

    • Wtechrover

      A typecover with integrated battery is allready coming. Called: Power Cover.
      Cover with keyboard and battery integrated.

      • arrow2010

        Yeah and with it the Pro becomes 24cm thick. Yowzers.

        • jgerb0

          Um where are your sources? 24 cm thick? LOL get outta here

      • Willem Evenhuis

        Yes, but that dongels on one side. I had a case in mind for a more practical and perhaps ergonocal use while sitting or on the move.

    • freshfelicio

      It’s leaked that they will release a new type cover with a battery in, extending the battery life (of 6-8h for the new Pro) by 2h.

      • Willem Evenhuis

        2 hours. That is not much. I understand it will probably have to do with a compromise of design and size. But 2 hours, to me, sounds like a compromise that’s too large. I think 4 hours extra is the minimum that should be achieved, even though it means the cover will be a bit thicker/heavier.

        • Willem Evenhuis

          6-8 hours batterylife for the new surface pro (2) is also getting me a bit worried. I understood that haswell could deliver a major boost in battery life, but the lower end of six hours is only an hours gain to the frugal mode of 5 hours with my current surface one. I can’t help the idea that a rumored two hour battery life for the current sounds like a compensation to boost the earlier specs of the rumored impressive battery life of haswell to my magical number of 8 hours or beyond. If rumored

  • techieg

    This further pushes the case for Surface in the enterprise as a single device foe end users as well as at home. On the go u have the type- or touch-cover and at your desk you simply dock it, Sounds like a winner to me. Great ide, MS!

    • arrow2010

      No Thunderbolt = Microsoft behind the curve as usual.

      • nohone

        Thunderbolt is, to use a Jobsian quote, DOA. There are few uses, limited in the need, expensive, few products use it, not compatible with existing devices, confusing to the average user (wait, you mean I need to unplug my monitor to plug in my external HDD?), and even Apple’s own most popular products – iPhone, iPod, and iPad, doesn’t even support the connection port they claimed to invent. The tech doesn’t even meet the promises they set forth, using copper rather than optical.
        Thunderbolt is just a second attempt at that forgotten Apple tech, FireWire.

  • Yuan Taizong

    With the previously announced patent this seemed the most logical development.

  • arrow2010

    Too bad they aren’t building the Surface Pro 2 with Thunderbolt in mind.

    • SpitefulGOD

      Why 5Gbps is enough for a tablet device, if you need thunderbolt then you probably need the power of a desktop

  • Rico Alexander

    It’s about time!

  • SpitefulGOD

    Currently using the Kensington usb 3 dock, its good can attach two monitors, sound, keyboard, mouse and usb hdd and printer… Its a godsend for developing on, still have to attach the power manually so the surface dock sounds even more convenient.

  • Guest

    They’ve been talking about this for what, six months now? C’mon MS. This isn’t the enterprise space.

  • freshfelicio

    I think it’s awesome that all the new accessories work with the old Surface too!

  • FateStayNight

    Dell is so mad right now. Hope they retaliate by creating their own version of a touchcover, that way I won’t be too envious of people who have surface.