Surface Ethernet Adapter Will Work With Surface RT If You Have Windows RT 8.1 Installed

Surface Ethernet AdapterSurface Ethernet Adapter allows you to connect your Surface to a wired network using the Ethernet Adapter. Plug the Ethernet Adapter into your USB port to get online, share files, and print. This adapter was previously not working with Surface RT device, now according to Microsoft Support page, Ethernet Adapter will work with your Surface RT with Windows 8.1 update.

To use the Surface Ethernet Adapter with Surface RT you’ll need to update to Windows RT 8.1 and check Windows Update.

Ethernet Adapter Compatibility:

Surface RT and Surface 2 are compatible with devices that are certified for Windows RT 8.1. Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 are compatible with devices that are certified for Windows 8.1.

Source: Microsoft

  • Michael-Patrick Richter


  • techieg

    Is the Surface Ethernet Adapter USB 3.0 (with USB2.0 backward compatibility) and does it support PXE boot (like the StarTech USB21000S2) for image deployments?

  • longjob

    can’t get windows update to download the drivers. anyone actually got this working with the Microsoft surface adaptor on their RT?

  • Kenik Hassel

    I got a Linksys adapter working on my Surface 2 (RT) which uses the same chipset, but has a different hardware ID. I plugged it in and the driver install failed, so I chose the option to manually install from my computer. The driver was actually pre installed…no need to go to Windows Update. Just choose Asix as the provider from the list of Network Adapter drivers. The driver for the AX88772C is the one you want.

  • Longjob

    Microsoft have just pulled the page that indicates that the Microsoft Surface ethernet adaptor works with Windows 8.1; it doesn’t. Shame on them