Surface gets major product placement in latest episode of Suburgatory

Readers may recall an episode of Modern Family which rotated around acquiring an iPad.

Microsoft appears to have purchased a similar level of marketing and product placement for the Microsoft Surface, which not only starred prominently in the show in multiple scenes, but also managed to get a nice feature run down during the show also.

Are our readers impressed at Microsoft’s level of spending? Let us know below.

Thanks Bugbog for the tip. image

  • darthtigris

    But it’s never called ‘Surface’ …

    • Pookiewood

      Yeah weirdly. If it had been an iPad it wouldn’t have been a “Tablet” it would’ve been an “iPad”.

  • Manu

    Weird placement actually. No screen shots, so there’s not even a tie in of the UI to the Windows 8 commercials. MS or Surface are never revealed. Lame.

    • Bugbog

      Actually, the ‘Tablet’ is featured Throughout the whole of the show, with the character using it in various modes (Kickstand, seated on the cover, cover-flipped, closed, etc). And when she isn’t using it, it’s usually lying in a corner, either switched on, showing the UI and Windows Home button, or closed with the Touch Cover on.

      So, even though they didn’t mention the Surface specifically, It was definitely money well spent, as you can’t get a longer in-use presence on US Network TV better than this.

      • JayD

        I gotta agree this is impressive because it is advertising how the Surface integrates into people’s lives but at the same time it isn’t an advertisement so people will actually be more inclined to watch it! This is money well spent. Oh and thanks for letting everyone know Bugbog!

        • Bugbog

          My Pleasure!

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen


  • Schooner1984

    Happy to see Surface on Prime Time.

  • arrow2010

    I think all product placement is ridiculous and pathetic. Seeing all those iMacs on “Entrourage” made me feel the show was just a big Apple ad.

  • Joe Dasher

    love it. too bad they didnt get her to say “surface”. would have been better for the audience to know its a microsoft surface.

    Noticed it was used on Elementary and Arrow as well.