Surface hands-on videos

imageMicrosoft launched Windows 8 in China earlier today, and from there we have these hands-on videos of the Microsoft Surface RT, courtesy of WPDang.

The video shows the device to be as smooth and fast as we expect and the keyboard to function very well.

Read more at WPDang here.

  • GG002

    Oh, Youku, we meet again 😀

  • Rich

    This guy’s Chinese is driving me nuts.

  • Gavin Tom

    lol chinese ads so hilarious.

  • Gavin Tom

    Wow the responsiveness is pretty wicked.

  • ScrapDawg

    thurs dirty cartoons at the beginning!

  • Johan Nilsson

    What the fuck happened to “the 26th”?

  • Richard Vasquez

    all i understood was surface rt

  • TimoTim19

    3 more days.