Surface Keyboard Update Coming Soon

An update will come to the Surface in a few week that will allow for the ability to toggle between what the keys on the top row do, get some quick access to other capabilities like screenshots through shortcuts, and just make some things like paging easier to do with one hand. These include:

Fn + Caps:Locks F1-F12 into being function keys. Do it again and you get the charms, volume, Home, End, etc. if you are in the function lock mode, you can get the inverse options by pressing the Fn key, naturally
Fn + <spacebar>:Print Screen
Fn + <spacebar> + Alt:Print Screen for the in-focus App only
Fn + Del:Brightness Up
Fn + Backspace:Brightness Down
Fn + <left>:Home
Fn + <right>:End
Fn + <up>:Page Up
Fn + <down>: Page Down


Source: Surface Blog

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I have a surface pro with type keyboard….but I have no Fn button on it (!!!???)

    • winger

      Then you don’t have a surface keyboard. The FN is in the lower right hand next to the arrows.

      • Willem Evenhuis

        Ow yes. Stupid me. Between the alt and left arrow. Thanks.

  • jvs

    Yes, you have a Fn key: from the bottom-right

  • Jeff Hung

    Wish this isn’t a sign of removing some functional keys from the next generation of touch/type cover. I really hate to use keyboards without dedicated PgUp/PgDn keys because I browse long documents all the time. And I won’t buy the latest Acer ultrabooks because I see the pictures: they don’t have dedicated F1~F12. How could I use Alt+F4 to close a window on that kind of keyboard?

    • DKJr

      Well, u can always use your finger since the its touchscreen. I’m sure as time goes by with advancement in touchscreen tech, some typical hardware functions currently reserved for keyboard & mouse will go away. Of course consumer adoption might be slower but we eventually adapt.