Surface Launch gets Auto-tuned

ballmerngatesJustin Angel, Windows Phone developer and now Nokia employee, has posted this auto-tuned version of the Microsoft Surface announcement from Thursday.

We can only agree that it is “pretty darn cool.”.

Do you agree? Let us know below.

See an unedited summary of the Surface Keynote below.


  • David

    I saw better works that was actually catchy but these are not even funny!

  • Giovanni Pellegrini

    This is dumb, but the ‘balmer n gates’ .gif is awesome.

  • Beezer

    GIF wins. Video is a good effort, but needs work.

  • Diablo Sanchez

    please stop with the auto tune. Even back when it was popular it was a travesty!

  • 骁 陈

    Just For Fun to GIF!