Surface passes through the FCC in time for October 26th


The FCC has today revealed previously confidential document submitted by Microsoft.

The documents describe a Tablet Computer running the Windows RT operating system with Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, and unless Microsoft has yet another secret tablet in the works the documents are likely referring to their Surface computer.

Microsoft is set to release the windows RT to the market on the 26th October, with the Windows 8 version to follow it is believed in January.

As of yet no pricing has been released.

See the documentation here at


  • Mark Matheson

    I hope you can use NFC to pair it with a mobile phone so we can use 3/4G on the move.

    • tropolite

      I agree. There has been little info on NFC on the tablets in general but I was sure I saw a vision of a demo with a Windows Phone pairing/sharing with a tablet. It just makes sense really.