Surface pre-order delivery being pushed back around the world

Delay_No_More_Causeway_ShopToday many Microsoft Surface buyers will be angered, not by the device but by its absence, as many international pre-orders end up being pushed back around the world.

According to readers Microsoft is now revising the language of the pre-orders, saying delivery would be *from* the 26th, and that devices could arrive as late as the 30th October.

Clearly the whole point of the pre-order system was to have the device arrive day and date with its release to the market, and while I do not expect riots in the streets, I think more than a few digital recycle bins will be tipped over.

If there is any good news, it is that some Microsoft reps have said the delays were due to “huge demand” which is never a bad thing.

To check where your Surface order currently is, use this handy tip from WPC.

  • Just go to the FedEx or UPS websites and choose track package by reference.
  • Enter your Microsoft Order number and delete the "MS" prefix.
  • Leave the shipping date as the 24th and enter your destination Country and postal code.

Thanks Richard for the tip.

  • GG002

    Oh noes, the world will end because of 4 days!!!

  • Randy_Giles

    Well done for running this, Microsoft should be ashamed of the way they have handled this.

    • nabberuk

      It mentioned on the damn website that they would be delivered between the 26th – 30th. Until the 30th comes and goes Microsoft have nothing to be ashamed off.

    • PoohGQ

      MS has always provided really good customer service with software & Xbox, and I don’t expect that to change. They just need a little patience to get this Surface thing going.. :)

  • bnlf

    what i find odd is that there was no News about surface even after a good launch midnight today. I see no new reviews, ppl uploading stuff to youtube, twitter, nothing like if no one have bought it.

    • Bugbog

      Everyone is twiddling their thumbs waiting. (Or Apple have paid to have the shipping company fu-bar the whole thing!) :)

      • JNate

        Maybe we have a conspiracy here… Apple owning all major news sources o_O

  • Jorgen

    I preordered 10 days ago from the German MSstore and I haven’t heard anything yet. No shipping, no nothing! Dammit! The world IS gonna end because of those presumably 4 more days!

    • SvdPol

      Same here :'(

    • agha

      Same here. It sill marked as in process. Man how much I hate that amateurish hotline and the my MS handles the whole process. I call them 4 times and got 4 different answers. The last one was: No the delivery will arive until 8PM.

  • alloam

    My frustration has been that my whole order was cancelled last night because my credit card queried the second transaction on despatch of the Surface and a fraud alert stopped that account. No call to confirm or check from MS or the credit card company, just a cancelled order and three frustrating phone calls to work out what happened, and now a wait of many weeks if I choose to try again. Not sure whether I will try again now or just wait for a Surface Pro.
    What was clear, however, was that despite ordering on 16 October and having the 26/10/12 delivery date confirmed on the initial order, by email a week ago and by phone yesterday morning, it was never going to happen when the attempt to despatch only happened last night. Not the end of the world, but frustrating, nonetheless, and not a good start for MS and customer satisfaction over a new range of devices.

    • Bugbog

      For things like that, especially if you’ve never made a payment of that amount to such a vendor before, is to call your credit card company and pre-inform of the incoming charge.

      • alloam

        I confess I hadn’t really thought about it, I haven’t had a refused credit card payment in years, and the authorisation on 16/10 went through fine with no problems, it was the final clearance payment yesterday that failed. Oh well, I can ponder further reviews now and think more on what I want to do!
        Enjoy, all of you who receive yours on Mon/Tues. I will undoubtedly be a wee bitty jealous of you! I’ve upgraded to Windows 8 on my Dell XPS 15 to keep me amused in the meantime.

        • Bugbog

          I know what you mean. I’ve been suffering from Win8 withdrawal symptoms myself for a few days now. Ever since I got rid of my W500 RTM unit in anticipation of the Surface RT!

  • haspemulator

    Actually, when I’ve ordered Surface in Germany on October, 16th, the website told me that delivery should be before October, 30th, so this was expected.

  • Dirk De Vos

    Looks like UK is in the same boat, I was expecting Delivery of the Surface today, but didn’t recieve tracking or shippment dates. Frustrating as i took the day off work to get my Surface.

    Speaking to MS Store (UK) support they were helpfull but were unable to confirm the new shipment date. What they did say is they have suffered a logistical issues based around the huge demand and expect the Surface Tablets to start rolling in from the 30th. It’s a huge disapointment, i was going to be traveling for business on monday so probably won’t get this for another week and was keen to show clients what a real tablet could do!

    Microsoft, you guys need to up your game, i’m a huge supporter but if you want to compete in a already fierce sector you need to make good on your promises.

    • nabberuk

      But the order page mentioned 26th to 30th as I read it!!

      • Toby

        People keep saying this, it has already been confirmed that Microsoft changed this at some point in the first two days of pre-orders. early pre-orders, the delivery simply said order now for deliver by October 26th, later this was revised to delivery between 26th-30th.
        I was an early preorder-er in the UK, my order confirmation states delivery by the 26th, I got an email with a £50 voucher and a new delivery date of between 26th and the 30th(in which it also stated that delivery dates had always been 26th – 30th, they really haven’t), its the 30th today and I still have no Surface.

        • nabberuk

          I also ordered mine on the 16th and the order page clearly stated 26th to the 30th. Confirmation email said delivery for the 26th. Then there was the email saying Nov 2nd.
          I got mine on the 29th so Microsoft kept there promise with regards to the delivery dates.
          However they sent out mixed messages with the emails so can see why they gave out the £50 vouchers.
          Sent from my Windows Phone

  • Allan K

    remember that these orders comes from your most dedicated fans…
    Why even have a pre-order if you cannot handle it…
    The disappointment is far more than you expect…
    It’s like, you will have SDK late summer. Yeaahh right…. (Windows Phone 8)
    The sad Dane with a pre-order / no-show order

  • xphiles

    missed my fedex guy otherwise I would have it in hand!

  • Bugbog

    I’m beginning to harbour a suspicion that the shipments were never going to arrive before the 29th, not til After the WP8 Keynote.

  • GabeT

    I pre-ordered mine on the very first day the pre-order page came up, and was told a few days ago that my country (Hong Kong) won’t be receiving any shipments till early November. To add salt to injury, only the 64GB models will be available at that time. 32GB models? TBA.

    I suspect that Suning, which is the exclusive dealer in both my country and Mainland China, has withheld the stock reserved for Hong Kong in order to supply their own people.

    I know this is probably not your fault MS, but I was really frustrated by this. I have cancelled my Surface preorder and is now waiting for the ATIV Smart PC which is coming out next week. Samsung may not have the best build quality, but at least in here their customers are treated better than this.

    • PoohGQ

      Would it really kill you wait another week?? This is MS’s first foray into real hardware market & the good news is that there’s huge demand for a quality product in the highly competitive market of tablets. Why didn’t you instead go to a local retail store & wait in line rather than cancelling altogether??!

      • GabeT

        If what i do want is a 32GB model with a colorful touch cover, why force myself to get the 64GB + bk touch coveif I can get a x86 tablet with the same price?

        I really want to support MS, especially on its first attempt to manufacture its very own system hardware. But the thing is that I would like to spend my money in better place.

  • LightbulbIT

    This happens after just about EVERY APPLE PRODUCT LAUNCH. Heaven forbid there isn’t Microsoft product rotting on the shelves to “hasten their demise.”

  • R3

    Here in Canada If I actually went to the MS store this morning and bought it in-store (and was one of the first 100 people to do so, which was apparently not that hard), I would get a free year of Xbox Music subscription. What I got instead was no Surface delivery, no status update from Microsoft (order still showing as “In Process”) and no way to check with UPS using the method mentioned above.
    So yeah….this is the last time ever I (pre)ordered anything from Microsoft Store.
    Nice going, Microsoft!

  • O.IO

    Mine was delivered 1HR ago. Can’t wait to leave work early and play with it!!!

  • Hotcakes New Media

    Mine is on the truck for delivery (in Canada). I should have it by end of day, as promised.

  • Mark Matheson

    I ordered as soon as it was possible to do so (UK), it said something like ‘pre-order for post on 26th and delivery by 30th’ – so this doesn’t seem to be something new.

  • nabberuk

    Same sloppy reporting as wmpoweruser. In the UK it was always stated as 26th to 30th, it was the conformation email that then said the 26th.
    Microsoft have now offered all UK (maybe others too) £50 to use at the Microsoft store.

    • Jon

      Really? I ordered through MS UK but haven’t got any £50 offer.

      • nabberuk

        Yeah, just got the email.

        Dear Customer,

        Thanks again for pre-ordering your Surface online!

        As stated at the time of order, we expect customers in the U.K. to receive their Surface devices between Oct. 26 and Oct. 30. We apologize for any confusion caused by subsequent emails stating an earlier or later arrival date. To make up for any inconvenience, we would like to offer you a single use coupon for up to £50 off your next purchase from Microsoft online store*.

        To use your coupon, please visit, shop for the items you want, and, at check out, type the code EDITED in the Promo Code box. The value of your coupon will be applied at checkout, before you complete your purchase.

        If you have any questions regarding your order, please visit us online at or give us a call at 0800 026 0329.

        Thank you,
        Microsoft online store

  • NegLewis

    Wow, you guys complain about 4+ friking days?
    Cill bro’…

    My country is not even on the list – nor our neighbors – or our neighbors neighbors.
    Windows MarketPlace arrived after 2 years.

  • Mikado_Wu

    I have Mine, showed up from FedEx right on time.

  • alukard

    mine is coming on the 2nd and I’m cool with that. It will arrive.

  • ej2020

    I received my SurfaceRT this morning (10/26/2012) at 9:49am.
    I ordered it on 10/16/2012 and as was indicated at the time of order, it was delivered by 10:30am 10/26/2012. My FedEx tracking and Microsoft Store shipping emails indicated 10/29/2012. A couple days ago I had submitted a support ticket to Microsoft Store about the delivery of my SurfaceRT because the store portal continually said “In Process”. They responded assuring me it would be delivered on 10/26/2012.

    Here is my FedEx tracking information:

    Destination Address:LITTLETON, CO, US

    Tracking history

    10/26/12 8:49 AM LITTLETON, CO 80122, US Delivered
    10/26/12 7:05 AM LITTLETON, CO 80120, US On FedEx vehicle for delivery
    10/26/12 6:56 AM LITTLETON, CO 80120, US At local FedEx facility
    10/26/12 4:28 AM DENVER, CO 80249, US At destination sort facility
    10/26/12 2:34 AM MEMPHIS, TN 38118, US Departed FedEx location
    10/25/12 10:27 PM MEMPHIS, TN 38194, US International shipment release – Import
    10/25/12 9:38 PM MEMPHIS, TN 38118, US Arrived at FedEx location
    10/25/12 3:54 PM ANCHORAGE, AK 99502, US Departed FedEx location
    10/25/12 2:15 PM ANCHORAGE, AK 99502, US Arrived at FedEx location
    10/25/12 4:58 AM SHANGHAI 201207, CN In transit
    10/25/12 4:39 AM SHANGHAI 201207, CN International shipment release – Import
    10/24/12 4:09 AM SUZHOU 215011, CN Picked up
    10/24/12 3:46 AM Shipment information sent to FedEx

    All is well. Microsoft delivered it (via FedEx) on time as they promised on 10/26, in spite of FedEx indicating delivery for 10/29

    • PoohGQ

      I think orders in the US are fine. It’s International orders that seem to be experiencing delays. My local MS store still has a few of all SKUs in stock.

  • agha

    I pre ordered the first minute after pre-order starts in Germany and it was advertised as 26th delivery. And on the bill its still marked as “delivery at 26th”. The funny thing is every time I call MS-Store hotline I got a complete different information about delivery. 4 Calls 4 different answeres. Man MS sucks so much right know.

  • sbl123

    US custoemr: I did not receive any shipment confirmation from Microsoft but called into customer service yesterday. The lady on the phone assured me that it would be delivered today. This morning I received a shipment notification from FedEx and it indicated that the package would be delivered by the 29th yet it also showed it was on the truck out for delivery. And then at around 11:00 am, it was delivered. Hold out hope folks. This news article may be premature, at least in the US.

    • sbl123

      Got it out of the box and up and running! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I think I’ve read every US review out there and any of the guys that slam this thing are crazy. Only thing that I did note, the loudness at full volume is low. Had all the apps I needed out of the box. Took the chance on the ‘touch’ keyboard, works great.

  • Ian Too

    Well, I took a day off work to be in for the delivery costing me a day’s pay. Then Visa decided the transaction was fraudulent and my order was canceled.

    After getting the transaction cleared by Visa, I rung the Microsoft Store and was told that I’d have to re-order my Surface from scratch, putting me at the back of the cue because they don’t have the facility to represent my order.

    This is after not even being able to choose the color of the cover

    Right now I’m thinking of going down to a shop and buying an Ativ Tab. or a Lenovo Thinkpad 2.

  • agha

    Is anyone get his hands on his surface today? I start to believe its maybe a jocke…cos you see no reviews, everyone is complaining about no delivery…

  • Kitab

    When will the Surface surface in Scandinavia, M$, with dedicated touch/type cover keyboards? Still waiting. Wishing I was a commie:):):)

  • Gavin Tom

    I think people are getting mad at the wrong person, Microsoft went out of house for the shipping and ordering handling to Digital River. I know they should have went for a better company because historically, although they are one of the largest, they are terrible at handling pre releases.

  • Kev

    You should all hear yourselves. Its all about me and I’m entitled to everything now.

  • Ocelotty1

    I hope to hell they get their act together for the PRO; which is even more likely to sell like wildfire

  • Rupert Englander

    I am ASTONISHED. I phoned the Microsoft Store today. Not hassling. Just asking if they could look up on their system when I could expect mine (I pre-ordered on the 16th). I was AMAZED to learn that she couldn’t tell me. She had no information to hand about my order. She didn’t know if it’s in transit, if it had left the warehouse or what. Nothing. Not one shred of information.
    I feel very sorry for these staff who have to deal with customers when they are not given the appropriate tools to deal with enquiries.
    I can’t believe a firm like Microsoft can be this incapable.