Surface Pro 2 64GB & 512GB Back In Stock Online

The Microsoft Store has the Surface 2 64GB and 512GB back in stock at the Microsoft Store Online.  Microsoft has had a notoriously difficult time have the Surface in stock consistently.  New iterations of the Surface products are not expected until this fall. Recently rumors of the Surface Mini re-emerged.  The Surface 2 w/ LTE has only recently been made available to carriers.

Find the listings below,

The Docking Station designed exclusively for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

via Microsoft Store

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Oh, my, the surface 2 is still that high in price??!! I think I’ll stick around on my surface pro 1 for now. Still waiting for that power cover to get onto international markets though. I’m only seeing touch and type covers.

    • NGM123

      Same. I love my Surface, I can’t imagine owning anything else and I know buying mine new for $220 isn’t feasible moving forward, but I can’t believe these prices. They are seriously expensive items, certain to remain niche at these prices, but with Dell, Toshiba and the like taking over the cheaper end of the market, maybe this is the strategy to keep everyone happy.

      • XBoxerOne

        You have to remember these come with full Office installed. That’s like a +$200 saving.