Surface Pro 3 Multiple Monitor Support Detailed

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If you are going to buy Surface Pro 3 as portable workstation replacement, then you might care about the multiple monitor support in Surface Pro 3. Similar to previous Surface Pro devices, you can use Surface Pro 3 to drive multiple monitors simultaneously. But the resolution depends of the Surface Pro 3 SKU you are going to buy. Read about the Surface Pro 3 SKUs here. Only Core i5 and Core i7 models can drive displays up to 2880×1800 resolution each.

For those concerned about multiple monitor support, Microsoft engineers tell me they’ve tested these scenarios thoroughly. The i3-based model can comfortably drive two Full HD (1920×1200 at 60 Hz) displays, while the i5 and i7 models can power two external displays at a maximum resolution of 2880×1800 each at 60 Hz.

In all cases, you need to make the connection to the external monitors using the mini-DisplayPort adapter on the side of the device. For a single monitor, you can use an adapter to output to HDMI, DVI, or VGA. For dual displays you need either a DisplayPort hub or monitors that support DisplayPort chaining. In any configuration, you can continue to use the built-in touchscreen in addition to the external displays.

You can pre-order it from Microsoft Store.

Source: ZDNet

  • Mikado_Wu

    May want to do more homework first. I Purchased 3 of the SP2 8/256 models to be used in a 3 monitor (2 external plus Surface Pro Screen) Configuration. I soon found out that the Surface Pro has issues waking up the second monitor in a DisplayPort Chain. Now I am using the Dell U2412 Screens, and you can find articles on this on both Dells and Microsoft support sites.
    Yesterday I installed the Intel Beta Driver for the 4400 graphics card. Jury is out on if this has fixed the issue.
    That Said, I did get for fun, 3 external Monitors and the SP its screens to all work (4 total). You just can only have 3 different screens.

    • Den

      How did you connect 3 external screens? I’m interested, because if that works stable, it could replace my laptop.

      • Mikado_Wu

        The Surface Pro uses DisplayPort instead of HDMI. DisplayPort allows you do Daisy Chain Up to X amount of Monitors. X=graphics card support. In the Surface Pro’s case 3 separate screens. Also, the Screens Must support DisplayPort 1.2.

        So you I purchased 3 Dell U2412 screens. Daisy Chain each together and turned out DisplayPort 1.2 on the first 2 Monitors and left 1.1 on the last.

        Now Technically you can see 4 Screen, but 1 is a duplicate of the Surface Pro. So far, with the New Drivers the Multiscreen support has been pretty good. I have had a much better experience.

        Prior to the new Driver, If I let the Surface Pro go to sleep, the last monitor would not wake up. Generally all I did was pop the Power cord out for 3 seconds put it back and all was good. Sometimes I did to go into the Graphics Setting and reactivate.

        Since the New Driver I have only done that Once. Also, if I hit the Power/Sleep button, it Always resumed correctly.

        I have heard of people running 4K monitors have issues. Those are issues with Graphics card made be Intel, not the Surface Pro’s implementation.
        When Microsoft Puts in the new Intel Processor, I expect all this issues to be gone. I have Surface Pro’s 3’s six i5’s and one i7 on the way. Will be testing those as soon as they come in. However the use close to the same Imbedded Video.
        Hope this helps.

        • taylor

          Hi, I am looking for an external touchscreen monitor for use with a i5 surface pro three which is on order. Do you have any suggestions?

        • tre916

          Have you been using the docking station getting these results?

        • Mo

          Question – I have a surface pro with 2 external monitors. I want the laptop to be the main with desktop items but want the 2 externals to be extended and duplicated. thanks

  • reivaax

    good news !
    pity that hub dp is not included in their docking station….

  • bredker

    no 4k support is big missing feature!

  • Chad Falk

    The article says you can run the external monitor scenarios (including the Displayport hub option) using the mini displayport on the side of the device. Could one also use the mini-Displayport adapter on the surface pro 3 docking station? Is that any different? I don’t want to have to plug and unplug that cable every time I dock the surface pro 3.

  • Peter Gerard

    I have attached a 27 inch Dell multitouch display model 2714T to the Microsoft Dock for my Surface Pro 3 (i7 512K model). The touch screen on the Dell doesn’t respond although the display works as a second display. Should the Dell touchscreen monitor respond to the users touch or is that feature only available on the Surface Pro 3 itself?

    • Blou

      You need tout conect the USB 3 cable to the surface pro to the monitor if you want the touch scream to works on your Dell

  • Katie Nason

    I am easily connecting with HDMI and VGA with a single monitor and able to use remote desktop (Citrix) when using WIFI in my home. However, when I connect with my iPhone using cellular, the Citrix applications no longer function. This is VERY problematic as I am working every weekend at a winter cabin and only have my cellular for wifi service. Has anyone experienced this difficulty and is there a fix?

  • Adam Collings

    Is it possible to configure the settings so that my SP3 resolution matches the external displays? Right now my SP3 is at a resolution of 2160×1440 and then the external monitors are at 1980×1080. This is really strenuous on my eyes having to focus in and out of the tiny lettering on my SP3 screen. Any tips on how to fix this?