Surface Pro 3 Now Available At Windows Stores At Best Buy, Here Are The Things To Check Out In Your Hands-on Time

Surface Pen Details

Microsoft announced Surface Pro 3 device at a press event two weeks back. This 12-inch device scales at 1.76 pounds, but packs all the power and performance of a premium laptop in a thin and lightweight design. It also comes with the all-new Surface Pen which delivers a natural writing and drawing experience.

If you want to experience this device in person, Surface Pro 3 Demo devices along with new Type Covers are now available in Microsoft Stores from June 6th, you can find the nearest Microsoft Store here. If you already had a hands-on experience, you can pre-order it from Microsoft Store website before it goes out-of-stock.

If you don’t have Microsoft Stores nearby your home, it is also now available at the Windows stores at Best Buy.

To get the most out of your hands-on time with Surface Pro 3, Microsoft suggests 5 things you should do to get a feel for the new device.

Hold it. It’s thin. It’s light. It feels incredibly well built. It’s a big, beautiful and well balanced tablet. It’s an incredibly powerful PC.

Try the new Pen. You’ll notice that it feels like a very good pen – not a stylus. Click the purple button on the end of the pen and you’ll immediately launch a new note in OneNote where you can write, scribble, and sketch to your heart’s content. These notes are automatically saved to OneDrive and accessible across all of your devices.

Try out the new kickstand – it works just as well upright at 22 degrees – the angle of the first kickstand, as it does in ‘canvas mode’ at 150 degrees and everywhere in between. Close the kickstand completely to see how it disappears when you’re not using it. The new kickstand makes Surface Pro 3 incredibly versatile.

Click into the new Type Cover for Surface Pro – check out the new trackpad, which is bigger and smoother for more accurate tracking and better gestures. Magnetically lock the keyboard against the bezel of the screen and see just how stable it is. The combination of the new kickstand and Type Cover make Surface Pro 3 a great device for the desk, the table, the lap, the coffee shop, or the train.

Lock two apps side-by-side on the gorgeous 12” ClearType Full HD screen. Apps and games look great, and the increased real estate makes it easier to get to work or to multi-task. Grab the pen again and try your skills at Sudoku. There’s a brilliant Sudoku app pre-installed, you’ll play with the pen just as you would on paper.

You can pre-order it from Microsoft Store now.

  • tofferne

    Amazing device, a great future for Surface products.

  • donzebe

    Great tablet, it’s rival is yet to be born.

    • Joe_HTk

      To heavy to be a worth while tablet, but it is a pretty good laptop.

      • Emi the Strange

        yeah right… more excuses please?… or maybe food for you so you can hold something “so heavy” like SP3?
        oh and i hope you had one in your arms… because if not you are talking BS since you don’t even know how heavy or light it feels in normal use.

      • donzebe

        Sorry, a tablet is not defined by its weight. We call them tablets because of the form factor. It’s a laptop only when a physical keyboard is attached to it. Likewise you can convert your iPad to laptop by attaching a physical keyboard and using on your lap.

        • JimmyV

          Yes but as history has proven one of the attributes that makes a tablet desirable is weight. As much as I would want a SP3 it is not as good at a tablet as it is as an laptop; a bit of an over-priced one at that.

          • donzebe

            The same thing can be said about a laptop, a phone and a TV. We all want them light weight, but despite all these desires, it still does not cancel the fact that the Surface pro 3 is a tablet.
            All slates computing devices and e readers are tablets, light or heavy.

          • Joe_HTk

            I never said it was not a tablet, I said as a 2 in 1 device it makes a pretty good laptop but not such a good tablet.

            You may disagree but please don’t have me saying what I did not say. I stated my personal opinion after demoing the product about best use case, a opinion that most reviews have supported.

          • Sunday

            Joe is right. As far as a tablet goes, SP3 is too heavy in hand. Most people won’t want to hold in their hands for 10 minutes. But on the table, this is an incredible tablet with good writing.

  • robertwade

    Sadly, the one I want isn’t available until August.

  • Jeff Hung

    Just tried it.
    1. The type cover 3 in wedge mode is way more stable than I expect. Originally I didn’t believe the magnet could hold the keyboard so firmly.
    2. I don’t like the new kickstand hinges. I still prefer the “crispy” feeling given by the hinges with finite angle selections (like the ones on previous models).

    • Rico Alexander

      Wow, you’re the first person I’ve seen who prefers the more limited kickstand.

  • NGM123

    One will be on my future radar, I currently have a gen 1 RT which I love, but the constant frustration with no apps available and not being able to perform some basic functions on the RT will see me kick RT to the curb where it belongs. Apple and gogle have overcome their shortfalls with apps but the RT app list is nothing short of a joke.

    • Yashoda321

      Are you always such a negative troll?

      • NGM123

        Read my history asshole, not true.

        • Yashoda321

          I did, seems like a lot of name calling as trolls do…

      • ryoder

        That’s not trolling. The RT was a bad idea and is souring many users to the Surface experience. This person’s experience, which they shared, reflects that.
        Do you always post comments that do nothing to provide value to the discussion?

    • VeetQZ

      It would have been much better if Microsoft would have never made the Surface RT. Think of all the buyers who is experiencing the same as you with this product. Specially those who ran out and bought it on fire sale not really knowing what they were buying. The majority will never buy a Surface again. Shame because the brand is finally getting good.

  • koenshaku

    Funny how engadget the Chromebook 2 by Samsung above that of their surface 3 review and even threw jabs at the same time.