Surface Pro Only $599; Touch Covers Only $50

The Surface Pro 64GB is now just $599 – a $200 savings.  You can purchase online or at a physical Microsoft Store.  The Surface Pro 128GB is $679 a $220 savings.  Microsoft is also offering touch covers for $50 with the purchase of a Surface.

The Surface bundle is being offered for $269, a $75 savings, which includes O

Note, this is the Surface Pro 1, not the Surface Pro 2.  Are you considering buying it at this price point or will you hold out for the rumored Surface Mini? Let us know in the comments below…

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  • blackhawk556

    the battery life on this thing makes me stay away from it. Otherwise, I would have bought one.

    • surilamin

      Well you could buy a power cover for a few extra hours of battery life.

      • Guest

        Or a an iPad Air and get 10 hrs of battery life to get real work done.

        • VHMP01

          Real work on an iPad? Try to link some Excel spreadsheets! Filters? Dinamic Tables? Dinamic links to Presentations? Heck no! You cannot get the most basic funtions for real work!

          • Woob




          • NGM123

            Ummmm, apart from your incorrect spelling, grammatically your reply is terribly incorrect…”YOU BETHCA GRAMMAR FURST”….wtf?!

          • VHMP01

            English is not my first langage either, sorry for THAT! But Capital letters on yours? And you did not answer the real question, did you?

          • NGM123


          • Guest

            Keep worrying about doing your silly spreadsheets with your boring job while I produce movie, music and graphics on a iPad while making major bank! Just because your “work” is a bore, don’t assume we are all doing loser jobs like you!

          • VHMP01

            Well, let me just build spreadsheets for every single business out there that manages money! Most of which would not give a crap about “movie, music and graphics”, thank you very much!

          • Guest

            Damn Girl, I was doing spreadsheets in 5th grade, then I became a man and started doing real creative stuff and left the spreadsheets for the cheap hired help. But just like some people like flipping burgers, you like you silly easy spreadsheets: that’s ok not everyone can have a imagination.

          • VHMP01

            Oh nice, you are creative! Cute! Most real bussiness that handle millions use spreadsheets, even “creative” ones simply because the make Capital Calls, Cash Flows, etc. for all the millions they handle! You make it too easy.

          • Guest

            Yes and not only it is cute it is the ingredient that creates the the future.

            Don’t get me wrong I am glad to employ a few number crunchers to do the brain dead boring work of counting the money that we creatives produce. But, once again, for us with imagination and skill our”real work” does not require your boring tools. So don’t be a hater, I may even put you to work when I need another grunt 8-D

          • VHMP01

            Really? You mean the stock market and financial institutions (number crunchers) that handle the world’s money are not the future, but a ‘Creative’ market that has been colapsing “Music & Video” is? Whatever!

          • Guest

            LOL Wall Street = liars,cheaters and stealers who create nothing, produce nothing and try to quantify their value with spreadsheets while bankrupting the world…keep talking and I will go from feeling sorry for your boredom to feeling sorry for you.

          • VHMP01

            Sorry but trying to make believe that an iPad is for producing something instead on comsuming content is more boring! Thanks for feeling sorry for me though, I am on a rougth patch, but I’ll manage! I have a nice Project in hand…

        • alox

          Does no one realize this guy is trolling?

  • Bugbog

    Too late for the Surface Mini, I already bought the DV8P! Microsoft would really need to WOW me to get me interested in buying it (maybe if it had a USP), otherwise the Dell is ‘above’ adequate (i.e. some things could be better, but not enough to make me wanna shell out for a replacement!)

  • SategB

    Never good seeing the company itself discounting at holiday time, even worse seeing it discounting this much. It is telling us they are not selling any better then the first time. :(

    • Adrian

      This is the first gen model

      • LexiconRed

        Wow they still have inventory, they really blew it with the initial introduction. A real shame :(

        • bhss

          In the same way Apple have iPad 4s left, does that mean they sold none??

          • LexicoRed

            They are not showing any on their website except refurbished ones, so know not like Apple, but if Microsoft had sold half as many Surface Pros as Apple sold iPads I would not be so concerned but since the company took a $900 million write down on the Surface line, I am quite concern and disappointed by how it has been managed.

            Any real supporter of MSFT has to be!

  • Dead_Ken

    The Surface PRO gen 1 IS a very, very nice piece of machinery! I use it (the 128GB version) as a BYOD and I am extremely happy with it. The “short” battery time is no problem when at the office or in meetings.
    I have one charger at home and one at my work desk. When travelling for more than one day, I bring one charger. I do everything from e-mails, presentations (power point), word, excel, picture handling, read ebooks, sync tickets and work documents, Spotify, read magazines, and it is fast enough for Cubase (my own punk music).
    599 USD is a pure bargain!