Surface Pro tablet priced in Germany, close to $1000


German online retailer has priced the x86 Windows 8 Surface Pro tablet on their site.

The 64 GB model is priced at 679.83 EUR ($870) without tax, and the 128 GB model costs 763.87 EUR ($975).

The full spec of the device reads as follows:

  • 26.92 cm (10.6 ") Full HD ClearType multitouch display (1920×1080)
  • Intel Core i5 (3rd generation)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB of memory
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics (shared memory)
  • Wireless LAN 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n
  • Bluetooh 4.0 (Low Energy Technology)
  • HD front & back camera with TrueColor and internal microphone
  • SkyDrive feature
  • VaporMG case
  • Comes with stylus
  • Weight: 900 g
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Professional
  • 2 years warranty . claims the tablets will be available in 3-4 weeks, which seems rather doubtful, with most expecting the device only in January 2013. If delivered earlier that would indeed be a great early Christmas present.

Do our readers think the price represents value for money? Let us know below.

Thanks Steven for the tip.

  • redtidal

    wow. I know it carries a lot of power, but $1,000!?

    Doesn’t look like Pro is tailored to consumers, rather Corp IT purchase.

    • Streetnerd

      i think its cheap

      • Shyloooh

        I also think it’s cheap or at least cheaper than I would have thought considering the bump in features – Pen, HD Screen, Battery, CPU, USB3, etc… Just because it’s ~1K doesn’t mean it’s not tailored to consumers. Just imagine replacing your desktop, tablet and laptop with just one device. Can’t wait! If this actually does launch this year I think it’ll sting a bit for people who have already bought the RT version even though the knew it was launching 90 days later. Still buying it though :)

    • pdexter

      Please, please don’t change euros to dollars. When will people learn this?

      Remember that here in Europe Hp Envy X2 costs 899 euros.

  • Ludwig Hildmann

    I really don’t believe that at all. They listed the 64gb model Price of Surface RT. If that were really the Microsoft may have shot itself in the foot…

    • Steven

      Don t think so. They sell the surface rt for 10€ more than Microsoft does. The Prices for the pro versions would be 799€ and 899€ without the touchcover. If they keep the bundeld prices for the touchcover, they would cost 899€ and 999€.

      The 64GB rt costs 679€ and should be compared to the pro version for 899€.

    • Henrik Erlandsson

      I think they will drop the WinRT price $100 when pro is released.

  • Mar

    Well it’s not super expensive… rather cheap actually. The conversion with electronics is not the same as the exchange rate unfortunately….

    Surface RT (32 No cover) = 480 euro in DE

    Surface RT same version in the US costs 499 dollars…

    So this thing will cost 900$ in the US, not the 1000$ as stated above.

    Still 900/1000 $ is not expensive for a full laptop replacement. It has ultrabook specs, a touch screen and a premium build quality. Also a Pen input etc.
    Personally I expected this to be 1200 euro, so I’m pleasantly surprised. Certainly compared to the Asus Vivo (Clover Trail Atom) which is listed for 900 euro (with keyboard), so in perspective this is a very good price.

    • Dino Borogovac

      it really has good specs. so it is not expensive. but i whish they make an model with bigger screen. like an real replacement for ultrabook.

  • John Hough

    I’m hoping that the apps that will come out between now and whenever the pro is released will prove it unnecessary to buy the pro. All I need for “Corporate” work is a RDP client and maybe a telnet/ssh app as well then I should be good.

  • 骁 陈

    Good Price

  • winston1000

    Great pricing, just take a look at the Samsung Ativ (Atom, 1366 x 768 vs. Surface (i5 and full hd) pricing. RT should have been priced much cheaper than it was.

  • Guest

    I use the app TeamViewer to RDP to my work PC. It works great!

  • hysonmb

    That actually an excellent price. I’ll grab one if it hits the states even close to this!

  • Arbeitsheld

    You do know that you have to pay the Mehrwertsteuer which means that the 128GB version ectually costs 909€.

  • koenshaku

    Around what I was expecting when MS announced the surface pro they said it will be comparable to ultra book prices.

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    Let’s hope that they start at $700 for the 64GB-$800 w/ cover and $900 for 128GB w/ cover(black). They don’t need to hit the $1000 mark and those Surface PROs will sell like hot cakes especially with the 100,000 apps that will be out by then..!!!

  • Il Baffo

    I’m rather doubtful, they are probably seeking free advertising

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Great, but could have been better.
    Surface Phone/Surface RT
    1920x1080p IPS display
    (5-5.5 inch for the phone, 11.6 for the RT)
    Quad Core A15 CPU
    2GB memory
    32/64/128GB storage
    8 MP w/ Flash, 1080p front cam
    Stylus (both)
    NFC/Bluetooth/microUSB 3.0 (and charge that way), etc..
    HSPA+ (42mbps) phone only

    $500, $600, $700 (maybe same with phone)

    Surface Pro
    1080p IPS display (11.6)
    i5/i7 ULV CPU’s
    4/8GB memory
    128/256/512GB storage
    8 MP w/ Flash, 1080p front cam
    NFC/Bluetooth/USB 3.0 (also thunderbolt combination) port/etc….
    $1000 to $1750 (probably not $2000)

    That being said, I would love to have a 128GB Surface phone AND Surface RT Tablet. :)

  • Gavin Tom

    o crap, haha at that price, I may have a surface RT and pro by the end of the year.