Surface reviewed vs. Apple iPad and Nexus 10

ReadWriteWeb posted the above review of the Microsoft Surface looking at features such as multi-tasking, performance, flash support, printing and sharing and other elements.

The Surface did relatively well in the tests, except for not supporting some online video codecs, and in the end it came down to which ecosystem the user lived in, with the Windows tablet doing best in an enterprise setting, as expected.

  • frocen

    One thing good about the Surface is you can use it in business enterprise and for personal too.

  • Jason Choi

    Obvious that he is an Apple fanboy, claiming how ipad has “beautiful interface” and making Surface look like it is only for business users.

    • GG002

      Based on the way he’s dressed, I totally understand if he finds iOS’ interface beautiful.

  • rsgx

    Great review. Very nicely done.

  • Njoi Roque Fontes

    This review was ok but he did not do the surface justice by not even showing the lockscreen and forgetting to mention office altogether and very stupidly forgetting to mention that the desktop mode is meant to the used with a mouse and keyboard not the touchscreen

    • GG002

      I think the word ‘forgetting’ is giving this reviewer a little too much credit. “Forgetting”, would be a better way to say it. Just like most other reviewers out there. You simply CANNOT forget that Office 2013 is there and for FREE, neither that the touch cover (mouse pad) is meant to be used in desktop mode.

      • ama neden

        Could’nt agree more, real stupidity. Did not even mention about keyboard and touchpad. Office and file explorer? Desktop advantages? What these people earn when they ignore the real deal . A huge blindless.

        • GG002

          They probably earn sh*tloads from Apple and/or Google.

      • Bugbog

        Basically, what it all boils down to, is that reviewers, in comparison vids like this, never show all the benefits of the device. They only show how the devices compare to the Strengths of the iPad! Not how the iPad lacks in comparison to the other device!

        What Surface RT has that no other Tablet [platform] on the market has:
        Office Home & Student 2013 (w/ Full OneNote)
        Free Xbox Music (over 30Million songs, free to stream!)
        Incorporated, durable stand.
        An almost ruggedized body frame (see drive overs!)
        Full Windows 8 ported to ARM (with Native access to Direct X)
        Touch/Type Cover (as an integrated part/accessory)
        Full Native File Management
        Granular Windows System access (Should you want it, and not ‘code’ access)
        Native Multi-user set-up/access
        Windows Enterprise Sync

        And So On.. I could go on all day. And all this on top of all the regulars that these ‘other’ tablets have as standard!
        A Rapidly growing Store; almost 20K apps in just two weeks!

        How does this not make the Surface RT a compelling product the equal of the competition?

        • GG002

          +micro SDXC support for 64GB<3333

          The native file management is awesome, I can use my Surface to offload pics from my dSLR during travels (hey full USB port!), and onto an external HDD if I really have to.
          Those reviewers are narrow-minded.. That's why I never (in this case) got into iAnything, not even a single cable.

      • Njoi Roque Fontes

        I didn´t literally mean that he forgot those things … I was being sarcastic :)

  • sumedh

    none of the innovations of other companies matter as long as people continue chanting apple’s name.

  • Sebastian Sylvan

    You can add printing from the normal touch UI. You don’t have to go the desktop. Just go to pc settings, devices, add device. Takes all of 30 seconds, no desktop required.

  • h3man

    I got a score of 369 with peacekeeper.
    He totaly forgot about the ability to add any flashsite to the whitelist. No need for a paid app on winrt to view flash videos.
    At my workplace I dont need to fiddle around with the desktop to add a wireless printer. Open charm bar, devices and there it is.
    Not a good comparison at all.

  • judazuk

    you can force the Surface to allow Flash on all pages .. so there is a workaround here as well .. but for free

  • judazuk

    you can just connect the printer via USB to the Surface, and you can print .. drivers for most printers are included

  • ama neden

    And someone should teach this guy:
    Having a desktop is a huge advantage even if it does not include Mouse and keyboard. Surface has all these, so whats wrong?

  • Joe Enebong

    Surface recognizes devices that are content to the same WiFi including printers and you can print without needed to install drivers… I guess he didn’t even know that too

  • iamtiger

    This sites setup was much better before on 7.5… Looks terrible now..

  • mrdeezus

    Just used the desktop o add a printer. Used the hp photosmart c4270 series to install my hp 7280. Works great!! So you can use didfferent printer drivers on the surface for hp models that are in the same family!!!

  • RoadOfMajor

    Typical hipster. You’d already know how the review would span out the moment you see the dude.

  • alukard

    An amazing thing I noticed is that the IE10 flash hack doing its rounds on xda developer website actually works and it really releases the browser’s flash capability 100 fold. Flash heavy websites come to life once you’ve used the hack and i don’t even need the desktop mode for any websites anymore, its amazing.
    one thinks that Microsoft should loosen its grip abit more on the flash whitelist and people will see that IE10 metro flash actually exists and is very capable.
    I suggest you surface owners try the hack out, its safe, just editing a text file not the registry.

  • ustudio

    also i dont know about the surface as i dont have on yet but in win 8 there are two browsers, the app and the desktop version the later suports flash fully and its free as well, i use both