Surface RT 2 Details Revealed: Tegra 4, Full HD 1080p, White & Black Options, & More

According to sources, the Surface RT 2 will simply be called the Surface 2; and Surface Pro, simply Surface Pro 2.  The Surface is expected to look identical to the current SurfaceRT.  Interestingly enough there may be an option for a white Surface.  Here is what we know of the specs so far:

  1. CPU: TEGRA 4 processor
  2. Screen: 10.6-inch, ClearType Full HD (1920 x 1080, or 1080p)
  3. Battery: Up to 8 hours
  4. RAM: 4GB
  5. Kickstand: New integrated two-position style kickstand
  6. Weight & Thickness: Identical to current SurfaceRT (1.5 lb and .37 inches respectively)
  7. Color: Black and new White color possible, VaporMg casing
  8. Office: Office Home & Student included (with Outlook RT)
  9. Storage: Micro-SD card expansion up to 64 GB
  10. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
  11. WiFi: 802.11
  12. Camera: Front and rear-facing cameras
  13. Other Ports: Full sized USB 3.0 port, HD video-out port
  14. OS: Windows RT 8.1

Price at this point is unknown but it is most likely going to stay at $350. Availability is expected to be around the time of the Windows 8.1 and in conjunction with the Surface Pro 2 release.

There will be no integrated LTE or NFC. Nokia’s tablet is also expected to come out slightly before the Surface 2 release.  The Surface event in New York later this year is not expected to debut the Surface Mini.

via neowin and winsupersite

  • sri_tech

    They should keep the price at $350.

    Because iPAD still has much higher resolution screen, huge number of tablet apps and most importantly its from Apple (you may hate me for saying this but truth is Apple has huge brand value among normal consumers and the name itself sells millions).

    Also, nexus 10 is a sales disaster even though it has higher resolution screen, and $100 less than iPAD.

    Plus, full Windows 8 tablets with quad core Bay trail tablets are selling from $330 (Toshiba Encore). So RT is a tough sell unless the price is good.

    • Joe_HTH

      Most Android tablets are poor sellers except for the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, and the Kindle Fire is not really an Android tablet.

      • grs_dev

        Individually Android tablets are a poor seller, collectively however, they add up.

        I think the Chromebook is where Microsoft needs to target with a product from its own arsenal. A Windows RT surface with nothing but web apps for $199.

    • Yuan Taizong

      That’s the sad truth, I don’t even know why Apple is so loved and Microsoft is so hated, Apple is monopolistic and their walled garden is protected by dumb rules they’ve set up to protect their services, the worst part is that Microsoft has been sued for billions over their open developer’s platform (Windows) while Apple’s Macs have never been sued.

      It makes me sick to read those things, but most unfortunately it’s the truth *haist*

      Despite that, the Tablet-P.C.’s that sell the best are the cheap Android P.C.’s, I’ve bought 5 Android devices (mostly as gifts) this year already, while having only aqcuired 4 Windows devices (2 Windows Phone 8’s, a Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and a Windows Mobile 6.5), Windows 8’s Windows Store outgrew the Mac App Store in a few months, so the whole Apple always sells thing is in reality a myth, they’ve made it big with iPhones, and because Steve Jobs was a Hollywood-insider everyone in Hollywood has a Mac, which often gets mistaken with a status symbol.

      As a former Mac-user I’ve had 3 Macs and I have worked with Windows since Windows 95, Windows has always been superior over the Mac O.S. and O.S. X and Windows RunTime is actually superior over the iPad’s iO.S. only there are more apps to substitute for the iPad’s flaws (most notably Apple Maps and the Safari Browser), Google doesn’t have apps for Windows because they don’t want to join the competition, but they do recognize that the iPad might steal away Google-consumers, I mean users who have a Gmail.

      Microsoft-accounts are key for Windows 8 and Windows Phone as well as Xbox LIVE, the most peculiar thing is that this often gets critisized, while having a Google-account for Android is praised, this is the general anti-Microsoft sentiment that prevents people from purchasing Microsoft Surface devices, the only people in the tech world more fanatical than the Apple cult are the Microsoft-haters, despite all the hate, the Xbox One has been outselling and Windows 8 is steadily growing.

      • Asymgo

        1. How is Apple monopolistic?

        2. Do you have issue with MSFT XBOX walled garden?

        3. Do you think that MSFT own behavior/products has contributed to anti-Microsoft altitudes?

        • nohone

          Let me take a crack a this one:
          1) Being they were judged guilty in a court of law for anti-competitive practices, I think there is a good chance they are.
          2) people like you always claim it is good for Apple, that it protects their ecosystem. Are you saying it is ok if Apple does it, but others do not?
          3) No. Do you think that Apple’s business practices/products have led to the abysmal failure that is the Mac and OSS?

          • Asymgo

            1. The corner gas station can participate in uncompetitive practices – that alone does no where near make it s monopoly – TRY AGAIN!
            2 You didn’t even try to answer this one. TRY AGAIN (but if you need to know- I like the fact my soon to arrive Nokia 1020 is a walled garden and think any company that thinks its best for their customs should do so)
            3 I don’t follow Apple much but their brand value does seem to rate a great deal higher then MSFT so it communicates publics values the it higher then MSFT… I suspect there is a historical reason for this

        • kalval

          Xbox one is set to become a bit more open with the recently announced self-publishing for indies. There is also the possibility that Microsoft will allow windows 8 apps to run on XBO.

          For a game console to be as open as a PC would make it susceptible to malware and users’ own mistakes causing the system to crash. The last thing Microsoft wants is xbox one getting a reputation as an unstable, insecure platform and having to foot the bill for warranty repairs for virus infested Xboxes. Certain products need more freedom, and certain products benefit from less freedom.

    • kalval

      I definitely think $350 is the right price. It does however make the current RT a very bad buy. As soon as this new one launches the old one will be worth about $150. The aggressive pricing of bay trail tablets certainly does make this a tougher sell, but the question still remains: can bay trail handle 1080P resolution without sacrificing performance and battery life. There were no 1080P tablets running last gen atom, and I haven’t seen any bay trail ones announced yet. There may yet be an advantage to running tegra 4.

      With regard to ipad, everyone has their own opinion. Having seen ipad and surface pro (also 1080p) side by side I can say the resolution difference is negligible. Each have their strong points, iPad’s is almost solely to do with the app ecosystem. Windows RT 8.1 as an operating system is a far better product than iOS. The capabilities are better with multi-app multitasking and far better development tools, and integrated office and support for USB devices (and numerous other devices that Apple’s walled garden won’t play nice with). Integrated capabilities are a lot stronger too from the apps to the settings to the customisation. If windows RT can build a strong app ecosystem it will stand head and shoulders over iOS.

  • MaelN

    No LTE/4G ? And NFC ?
    I also hope screen’s contrast will be improved.

    • TheCyberKnight

      You’re probably joking about the screen contrast. It has one of the highest in the industry.
      And don’t take my word for it, trust the professionals.

      • MaelN

        Just because I’m using it, it’s far worse than an amoled screen.
        When I’m using it in the night, I’m always complaining about that, black becomes grey.

        • TheCyberKnight

          Do you know many 10 inches tablets with an AMOLED screen.
          There’s a reason why.
          Surface has one of the best LCD in town and the Surface 2 screen is even better.

  • Joe_HTH

    Everything looks great except for Tegra 4. That’s a complete fail when there is a better SOC called the Snapdragon 800 which is available. What is Microsoft’s obsession with the frickin Tegra? It’s the worst of the SOCs in terms of performance, battery life, and LTE. The lack of NFC and LTE is also a fail. It never ceases to amaze me how Microsoft continues to screw up.

    Not buying it Microsoft. I wanted to, but the Tegra 4 and lack of NFC or LTE kills it. Instead I will buy the Nokia tablet, which uses Snapdragon 800, and I believe as NFC and LTE.

    To be honest, the Surface 2 should be using BayTrail and be running full Windows 8. Make the 8″ device run Windows RT.

    • TheCyberKnight

      I agree for the Tegra 4. I really hoped it would have the Snapdragon 800 instead. As for the Nvidia obsession, I think it is somewhat related to a relationship factor more than a technological one. Unfortunately.
      For the form factor, I really want another, more potent 10.6 inches and thin Surface – therefore running RT. The Pro is far to chubby for me.
      An 7 or 8 inches device would also complement well the Surface family.

      • Gromanon

        Tegra 4 better choice tablet. 800 has slightly better cpu processing power but definitely worse graphics than Tegra 4. Now Surface RT is being marketed towards media users, where graphics more important.

    • Jeff Hung

      I guess the decision is more about securing the chip source. The supply of Snapdragon is very vulnerable as every Android phone vendor wants them so badly and places much larger order than Microsoft’s.

    • Jeff Hung

      I guess the decision is more about securing the chip source. The supply of Snapdragon is very vulnerable as every Android phone vendor wants them so badly and places much larger order than Microsoft’s.

  • SategB

    Up to 8 hour battery life = 6 in real life… Microsoft this is suppose to be a moble device, NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

    TEGRA 4 … Mictosoft NOT GOOD ENOUGH

    All that is left to say is let hope they don’t build too many, we don’t need another $900 million write down on this flop.

    • Gromanon

      Hows Tegra 4 not good enough? I have RT sure get my 8 battery hours, not sure what you do with yours

      • Joe_HTH

        The current RT gets over 9 hours of battery life. The Surface 2 gets up to 8 hours according to Paul Thurrott. That’s a regression, not an improvement, and it’s pathetic.

        • Bugbog

          Given that it’s keeping the same form factor measurements, but increasing the screen resolution and RAM, then I think that’s pretty good!

        • Gromanon

          Like OMG!

          Dude I think you are too emotional about your electronics. Don’t you think?

  • Tom V.

    this isn’t confirmed. wait for MS to reveal. so many people uptight and this isn’t even official.

  • Jeff Hung

    I’m pretty curious about the two-position kickstand. Will the rear camera also feature two upward angles?

    • Vincent Haakmat

      I don’t think so, since the lowest position would be geared towards reading and not Skyping.

  • Joe_HTH

    The worst thing is that the Surface 2 has worse battery life than the Surface RT, because Microsoft didn’t increase the size of the battery to coincide with the increase in resolution. That’s pathetic. Honestly, considering the competition has much higher than 1080p resolution, Microsoft should have increased res to 2560×1440.

    You know what’s really going to be sad? I’ll bet good money the new Surface products will keep the same price as the first Surface tablets originally sold at. I guarantee you the Surface 2 will retail for $500 and $600. Any takers out there want to make that bet?

  • Vincent Haakmat

    I don’t care too much about the color, since it will be in a special made-for-Surface sleeve anyways and the front is always black

  • Yuan Taizong

    Honestly, the specs aren’t that impressive, the battery life isn’t that high either, and they could’ve done a lot better, but the operating system is lightyears ahead of its competition, but this won’t change the hardware.

  • marco

    at $400 with cover it would have been a good deal last year…would have been a mild hit. $600 was way too much.

  • Mad

    No 3g/4G/LTE? Again?
    Microsoft went daft, it’s official.