Surface RT Recovery Image For Windows RT Now Available For Download

Microsoft Surface RT Available

Microsoft has finally released the Surface RT Recovery Image for Surface RT users. Just few days back, Microsoft pulled Windows RT 8.1 update from Windows Store since some users reported issues while updating. I think this recovery image should be useful for those who bricked their devices. Microsoft has also provided a reference  document for instructions regarding creation of the recovery USB drive and the use of this Surface RT recovery image.

Surface RT REcovery Procedure

Download it here from Microsoft.

  • Cristian González

    It only works for Surface devices or it’s for every Windows 8.1 RT device?

  • SategB

    It good they got this out, it really not good to have bad news floating around out there when we are trying to kick start some life into the OS sales with the new Surface 2.

  • Bizzy419

    I think the surface rt were the only units affected