Surface tablets start shipping


Microsoft is sending out emails to those who pre-ordered the Microsoft Surface tablet informing them that the WindowsRT device is in the mail and should arrive in time for the great Windows 8 launch.

Microsoft had earlier sent out emails to some buyers notifying them of a delay in shipments, but later said those letters had been sent in error.

Given the delivery dates on the email, it is possible some buyers will receive their tablets as early as tomorrow, which suggests we should start seeing some cool unboxings soon.

Have any of our readers received their shipping notifications? Let us know below.

Via WPC.

  • Bugbog

    Only in my Dreams!

  • John Ireland

    Still haven’t gotten my email yet :(
    But no delay email yet either :)

  • Allan

    Got no emails exept for the order confirmation, but today delivery dates shows 02/11/2012. Yesterday it was 26/10/2012….. Hope they dont screw it up… i made the pre-order 16/10/2012…..

  • Adriano Gelatone

    Ordered my Surface 32GB with Black Touch Cover on 10/16/2012 in Germany. Order is still status “in progress”. No delay email received. See screenshot. Microsoft says surface will be in my hands till 10/26/2012. Hope they do not cheat me …

  • Joe_HTH

    In many ways, the Surface looks like the best ARM tablet on the market. In a few other ways, it comes up short. For Microsoft to have such uncompromising design principles for the Surface, only to fail in three key areas is beyond me.

    1. According to PCMag, they got 7:45 on the video rundown test. Pretty good battery life overall, but less than good for an ARM tablet. Why did they skimp on battery capacity. The iPad 3 gets over 10 hours because they put a 42.5W batter in the iPad 3. The Surface only has a 31.5W battery. Shame on you Microsoft. Choose a larger battery for the Surface 2. I’m betting the Surface Pro won’t even get 5 hours with it’s 42.5W battery, especially with much more power hungry processors.

    2. 1366×768 resolution is not good enough for a $500-$600 tablet, especially when the cheaper Kindle Fire HD and the iPad offer far higher resolutions. The upcoming Nexus 10″ tablet will also have greater than 1080p resolutions. The Surface should have had 1080p resolution as a bare minimum.

    3. Tegra 3 processor! Why use this processor when there are better, faster processors on the market with integrated LTE? Not to mention the Tegra 3 also is one of the worst ARM processors when it comes to battery life. The Surface 2 better have the top CPU and GPU available.

    I’d also suggest the next Surface to have NFC, 3G, and 4G LTE. As much as I want a Surface, I’ll wait for the second revision.