Surface RT Bundle Price Dropping August 30th

We previously reported that Microsoft will permanently drop the price of all Touch Covers from $119.99 to $79.99.  The SurfaceRT bundles (SurfaceRT + Black Touch Cover) will also be getting a permanent price reduction. The current price of either 32GB or 64GB and a bundled black Touch Cover for $449 and $549, respectively.  Starting on August 30th, whether you buy online or in the Microsoft Store, the bundle will cost $399 and $499, still saving you about $30. I think Microsoft should be able to sell more units at this price point.

Surface Price Change

Source: WPCentral

  • Peter Potrafky

    They should make clear that with Win8.1RT you have Outlook…

    • NegLewis

      This must not be THE Marketing Point.
      People are used to install a hacked copy of every MS product.
      MS (Windows/Office) == Free.
      People are not YET used to pay for ANY MS service and Product.

      MS must come with something more than “free”.
      The keyword is FEATURE.
      MS must come with A feature. THE feature.
      They must find it and implement it ASAP.

      In my opinion THE feature Win 8 (RT) is missing is the possibility to run WP apps in those Win 8 (RT) split screens.
      Just imagine a game running in a split screen while browsing or watching a movie. Or TV.

      Just imagine 3 games running in the same time in those split screens.
      Maybe 3 apps.

      THIS would MAKE people … drill holes in their pockets.

      • leoniDAM

        The problem is little different, becouse Windows 8/RT is able to run apps (very) similar to the Windows Phone’s apps, but the problem is the lack of that apps, so the possibility to install Windows Phone app may be a good workaround, but not all of the WinRT APIs are supported by Windows Phone.

      • Yuan Taizong

        That’s true, those are called Killer-Apps.

  • Ruufus

    They should have done this when they first released the RT but everyone besides Mr. Ballmer knew that already.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Microsoft needs to start cheap, and sell more expensive ones later, after many apps are already developed for the platform.