Surface RT Deals Appear On Ebay Again As Microsoft Looks To Clear Old Inventory (Get One For $250)

With the Surface 2 launch event only a week away, Microsoft is looking to clear old inventory of the SurfaceRT.  A number of great deals have appeared on ebay, and you can get a SurfaceRT 32GB w/ a Touch Cover for only $250 and the same bundle w/ 64GB for $280.  This is not as great as the $200 deal we saw a few weeks back, but still great savings.  Typically a 32GB SurfaceRT bundle w/ Touch Covers costs $399, so this $150 savings, and even greater $220 savings for the 64GB bundle.

Ebay – SurfaceRT 32GB w/ Black Touch Cover – $250

Ebay – SurfaceRT 64GB w/ Black Touch Cover – $280

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  • sri_tech

    Wow. That’s really great deal.
    This is better than those chromebooks.

    You will get a well made tablet, keyboard, free MS Office and will be upgraded to Windows 8.1

    They should price the next gen. Surfaces well at the current prices. ($349).

    • koenshaku

      lol if MS had some since they would, that will not happen though.

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is actually quite great, it may seem as both a major loss and an unprecedented humiliation for Microsoft in many ways, and the truth is, the Microsoft Surface ain’t selling, but the great thing as I was going to is actually that despite this, selling the Microsoft Surface as a device on the position of loss leader actually helps the operating system on the long term (it’s something Microsoft should’ve started with in the first place), this rapidly adds more users, thus having a larger marketshare, thus being great for the ecosystem, ’cause the larger user-base will attract more application developers, who’ll write Windows R.T. programmes and this in itself will attract more users, it’s the (in)famous O.S.-App spiral which could help Windows 8 and Windows R.T.

    Although on the other hand Microsoft itself shouldn’t have done this, although the Microsoft Surface’s hardware is superior and the O.S.-maker knows best which specs belong to the O.S. I would have to say that another O.E.M. could’ve made a loss-leader for the Windows RunTime enviroment, and as you could see on eBay, they sell at a break-neck speed, this means that the demand is huge, but that just most people were excluded from purchasing the items due to its price, but having a loss-leader may seem bad at first, but it can easily help the entire ecosystem, maybe a lot of the people buying these Surfaces are developers wanting to try Windows R.T. on a Tablet-P.C.

    Personally I’m thinking of buying on now, only the problem with doing that is that if you’ll wait for a few years the specs will be so impressively enhanced on the series that it’ll make this device look obsolete (¡duh!), which is why I wait until then, so people will sell their old first-generation Microsoft Surfaces, and you’ll find ’em for +/- $ 100,- to $ 150,- and the Windows Store would be way richer in the future.

    • Bugbog

      First, no other OEM wants to prop up the market (or be a trailblazer), especially where they can’t lock in demand to themselves. So, once again, it’s left to Microsoft to do the heavy lifting, and, once it becomes “popular” they’ll complain that Microsoft is taking the Lion’s share of the profits and leaving them scraps! [SMH]

      Secondly, given the inherent value of my Surface [RT], even if, (especially if) it becomes wholly devalued, I’ll be holding on to it for years to come, or passing it down/on to others when I upgrade.

      • JReuben1

        If you really care about MS, you should buy some extra surfaces to help out.

        • Bugbog

          My family has purchased two already!

        • nohone

          I assume you bought a couple. You are, afterall, on a Microsoft centered web site, always giving Microsoft “advice” so they can do better. So with as much as you care, you must have bought a couple Surfaces.

          • JReuben1

            I have a surface – I received it free at a conference. I experimented with coding WinRT components, WinJS & C++/CX.

          • nohone

            While you were at Build, did you try to talk to Ballmer about your plan where they could switch to Ubuntu, lose all their money, and no longer have a product to sell? It could have been your big chance!

          • JReuben1

            Ballmer didnt need help losing money, did he? or are you forgetting the billion dollar surface writedown ? BTW, Jetbrains is releasing a cross-platform C++ IDE – another nail in the coffin ?

        • Asymgo

          Why are you so down on MSFT?

          Yes maybe their best days are behind them and yea maybe they have not done much innovation in the last 20 year and yes Google and Apple is destroying their business model; they still make alot of money if you one of few who still into console gaming the Xbox is kind of cool.

    • Frobozz

      “as you could see on eBay, they sell at a break-neck speed, this means that the demand is huge”

      According to the ebay listing, 152 units have been sold in the last 24 hours.

  • Gnagis84

    no shiping outside US :(

  • Shakil Al Mamun
    • surilamin

      That’s without the touch cover included.

  • NavinJay

    I picked up mine from Best Buy for $199. New 32gb version. I already have the Asus Vivotab RT..this was a Christmas present for my wife.