Survey finds greater interest in Microsoft Surface than Google Nexus 7


A survey of US broadband subscribers by Parks Associates has shown significant interest in the Microsoft Surface, pegging in Q4 2012 at nearly half that of the iPad.

The survey found 44% of consumers planned to buy an iPad, vs 21% a Microsoft Surface.

This was nearly double of the interest in the Google Nexus, which scored only 12%.

Parks notes interest in the Microsoft Surface was down from Q3 2012, before full details of the Surface, including the somewhat high price, was revealed.

In some bad news for Apple, when given the choice between the iPad and the much cheaper iPad mini, 40% of consumers who intended to buy an iPad chose the cheaper device, which will place Apple’s iPad margins under pressure.  It is of note that the presence of the iPad mini did not increase the percentage of users who were opting for an iPad – in fact the number has decreased, in line with Apple’s decreasing tablet market share.

If the buying intention translate into actual sales Microsoft may scoop up a significant portion of the tablet market, with Microsoft only needing to ease distribution around the country and the world.


  • Bugbog

    Surface Surface Surface Surface Surface Surface Surface Surface Surface Surface Surface!!

    (in case anyone was wondering, I have a programmable mouse with buttons for copy & paste! :) )

    • NegLewis

      Do you have a flash on that mouse too… ? to make Copy/Paste PC1->Mouse->PC2 ? :)

      • Bugbog

        Lost in translation?? Sorry, does not compute!

        • wow

          NegLewis thinks that using a mouse to do copy/paste actually copies the data to the mouse, and is wondering if it’s persistent.

          • Bugbog

            Thanks for that! I don’t think there is flash on the Mouse, insofar as it comes with PC software, which is what you adjust, for corresponding action by the Mouse.

            (It’s a Logitech G700)

  • Gavin Tom

    I just read an article on yahoo (obviously not a great credible news source) but they mentioned people had a 4% interest in surface. All depends on how you do the surveys and how you word them.

    • Klevis Ymeri

      They did the survey in an Apple Store.

      • Bugbog


      • Schooner1984


  • PoohGQ

    It’s about time MS starts to air ads comparing the iPad to MS Surface. That people will begin to understand the difference. I always get friends and colleagues asking me if Windows 7 or 8 comes with Office when I help them upgrade. Getting your marketing department to really start listening to pro-MS consumers/tech enthusiasts (not fanbois). Stop development of Office for IOS [considering the latest app store fiasco] and build up awareness of the Office eco-system while promoting the productivity of Surface.

  • mikeydangerous

    Wow, what a way to completely ignore the part of the article that makes the Surface sound bad. Sure, the Survey showed more interest in the Surface than the Nexus 7, but it also showed that interest in the Surface DROPPED 53% after people found out how much it cost.

    • Schooner1984

      I played with a Surface RT at a local mall kiosk a few weeks ago. Very nice in my limited time, but it is overpriced by about $100 to $150 on each model for this primarily CONSUMER product. I doubt any price over $250 will cause anyone to NOT buy an iPad, but lowering the price by $100 to $150 will keep some people from buying an Android tablet. The Surface RT v2.0 and later models may get some corporations to go MS in lieu of an iPad. Or include a Lumia 920 (not service), 12 months of Office 365 and Surface RT with keyboard at the current retail price of the Surface RT and some corporate/government sales may sway to MS away from Apple.

  • Iain Simpson

    Love my Surface, best tablet released to date in my mind, will also be getting the Pro too in 2013. Everything MS is the only way to go. Have been using MS products since day 1 and never had a single issue with anything MS.

  • freeiam