Survey: People Want Windows Tablets More Than Any Other Tablets


According to Boston Consulting Group’s recent consumer survey, People prefer Windows on their tablets more than others. This survey includes Chinese and US consumers. Over 42% of US consumers prefer Windows over iOS or Android on their tablets. This clearly states the power of Windows brand.

When ATD confirmed the survey results, they got the following response,

“When we survey consumers, it becomes very clear that Windows is still a very popular brand,” she said. Apple has sold tens of millions of iPads, but Microsoft has sold more than 400 million windows 7 devices. What that says to me is that there’s a huge opportunity that microsoft has left untapped so far.”

The survey results are in line with the Forrester’s poll which was released months ago. Microsoft will regain the tablet market once it releases Windows 8, its touch based OS for consumers.

via: ATD

  • Sake

    I’m using an Acer W500 right now with Windows 8 Developer and I also find it a better Tablet OS then iOS and Android.

    • Monkey D Black

      I’ve been wondering if I should buy the acer w500 and use that until actual windows 8 slates are released. so I’m asking, truthfully, whats the performance like when using the desktop interface? have you placed any games on it? my girlfriend LOVES to play sims 3. just an honest answer.

      • Pradyuman Vig

        The Desktop interface is speedy to say the least. No lag, nothing. I’ve played flash games and they run beautifully. You should have no problem.

        • Monkey D Black

          ok, thanks. will give it a shot

  • JPG

    My first tablet will be running Windows 8! Looking forward to next year…

  • RWalrond

    There is no comparison, the current flock of tech pundits and Apple users will have you believe that the race is over when it comes to tablets, they will reference the fact that 10 years ago when hardware was big, bulky, slow and expensive that the Windows tablet failed. I bet iOS would have failed with hardware back then also. The truth is, Intel is as much to blame as Microsoft for the lack of tablet innovation in the last 10 years. Now Microsoft has shown off Windows 8 on ARM, Intel will get their Act together. The biggest hurdle will be price, if they can get the price down to netbook type prices for a Windows 8 ARM tablet, then things will get interesting.

    • Tom

      What a difference a week makes.

      Amazon has now pulled the rug out from under the Android tablet market with the $199 Fire.  Now, nobody except Apple and Amazon can make any money in that market — Apple through its fat hardware margins, and Amazon through its attach rate.

      Microsoft used to be insulted for not rushing Windows Phone 7 on tablets.  Now it looks incredibly foresighted for sitting out the first round and going for full Windows 8 instead.  It positions them in a different market that nobody else can enter — a market that is not defined by loss-leader margins and an unassailable iPad brand.

      I’ve seen people carrying laptops *and* tablets in their bag.  With Windows 8, they can carry just one device that will dock and fulfill both needs — at less weight and less money.

  • Anonymous

    wp8 table look really sweet.  I hope to get one upon its release.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, weird. I thought market perception was near zero. I haven’t seen another Windows tablet user ever. I guess they’re mostly in the US (where I don’t live).


      Looks like you have been living under a rock all these days…. Lol… 😉
      Windows is everywhere… And Windows tablets are almost everywhere…

      • Anonymous

        If you say so. Windows is ubiquitous, yes. Windows tablets, not so much. Like I said, I haven’t seen anybody here in Germany with one. On the other hand, I’ve seen plenty of iPads and Android tablets.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    The proof is in the pudding, lets wait and see.