Take A Look At Google And Microsoft Graveyards

Tom Rizzo from Microsoft yesterday did a blog post to show how Google treat their business customers and their product cancellation strategy. He did a graphic as seen above to illustrate how Google left their customers in cold. Kip from Liveside did a similar graphic in reply to Microsoft to show how Microsoft does the same. Its strikingly similar ! ! Everyone knows that Microsoft’s blog post is a marketing attempt, but they should be more careful in doing such things as it could backfire.

  • http://sushovande.6te.net sushovande

    1. Courier was never released
    2. OneCare is now MSSE
    3. Live Gallery is now integrated in SkyDrive

    • Monkey D Black

      xp support for IE9 was never, so why is it in there?

  • Anonymous

    A lot of these products are still supported by Microsoft. The only products that really deserve to be up there is Microsoft Bob and Kin. In any case, the *percentage* of products discontinued by Microsoft is far lower than Google. If you put up all products supported by Microsoft, this would blow Google away. It’s almost 65% of Google’s products that have been discontinued. That’s the problem Google. The only thing that really drives that company is their advertising.

  • Afk

    1. Courier was never released2. OneCare is now MSSE3. Live Gallery is now integrated in SkyDrive
    4. XP has never been given IE9 support to start with
    5. Zune player is now Windows Phone 7

    • Christoffer Lundberg

      Yes, you are correct.. The MS graveyard is pretty invalid :)

    • Anonymous

      I consider myself a Microsoft fan, but Google Videos is now Youtube, Im sure some of those others exist in different forms, im not sure though. All Im saying is that this can all go either way for both companies.

    • Anonymous

      “Zune player is now windows phone 7” which makes a lot of sense. Merge or the gadgets and reduce the amount of load we carry and safe some money too. Just imagine carrying zune player + WP7 or any other phone. ipod + iphoe too much to carry around.

    • Anonymous

      Looking at that MS graveyard,  everything was either replaced in functionality by another product, or it was never a product that was released in the first place.  Kin is the only thing I can think of recently and that was a contractual obligation to Verizon made way back when the sidekick was popular before the smartphone boom.

    • Anonymous

      Spaces is now WordPress
      OneCare is now Security Essentials

  • http://twitter.com/gmelika George Melika

    there’s a difference between leaving people in the dark and cancelling a project but supporting the community.  Also, a lot of the tombstones are made up: the Courier was not a product, it was an idea; XP is 10 years old for crying out loud; Zune player, I am assuming he’s talking about the HW not the SW, but still how is that the same?

  • Anonymous

    This is the dumbest post at mobilefirstnetwork.com. You guys need to be careful about what you post here. Rubbish.

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong with the post ?? 

      • Guest

        Useless comparison and wrong selections. Thats what wrong with this post.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think so.. Google Videos/Soapbox. Google Vark/Live Qna. Google labs/Live labs .

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KTAHVKS2RNDWTQPHQEJALLRNEQ Adam Paris

            Nobody said its all wrong, but there are lot of stuff that are just nonsense. Just take a look at the people above you pradeep. Try to be more open and try to be less a sheep. You cant even have an opinion for yourself. You just copy what other people post on the internet. Even if its nonsense.

            But like we all know, you cant accept criticism. Everyone who is critising you, gets blocked. Just like what you did to me on WMPOWERUSER.

          • Anonymous

            LOL.. What are you trying to say ? I posted this because my thoughts are same as Kip’s. 

            “But like we all know, you cant accept criticism. Everyone who is critising you, gets blocked. Just like what you did to me on WMPOWERUSER.”

            I don’t have admin rights of commenting system on WMPoweruser. Sorry for that.

      • Anonymous

        What’s wrong is that, Google is like a child that just started walking and is excited to go everywhere around the house and can hardly keep his/her feet up.

        • Anonymous

          That’s exactly what Microsoft is trying to say to Enterprise. Don’t trust them.

          • Anonymous

            Yep, Google seem to fit into the category of “jack of all trades, master of none” So excited with search engine now they think they can play with all the toys in the house at the same time. Nope take it one at a time, That’s what your parents Microsoft did.
            Sent from my Windows Phone

          • Anonymous

            But these ‘kids’ are jealous of their parents and want to displace them! (maybe Menendez them?!)

          • Anonymous

            The kids are so jealous that they want to have all what their parents have, so they move into their parents closest and started trying everything, guest what, the pants / dress fell off, they can’t support it and lets go unsupported.
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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/6G3ZZJCHOLYP3S5CRCIHQ7WDSE MVIM

    I agree that this wasn’t the brightest strategy, since every mature company will eventually accrue discontinued products. Just because a company ends a product line doesn’t mean it’s a failure. It simply means that it has served the role for which it was needed, run its course, and as markets and consumer desires change the time comes to move on. Google has products like that. Microsoft has products like that. Apple does too.

    At first this Microsoft/Google mudslinging was entertaining, but it’s starting to get old. Rather than throwing words around and degrading each other, they need to focus on improving themselves. Google needs to get their Android legal issues tackled and Microsoft needs to get their (lack of) marketing of Windows Phone fixed. But this kind of petty behavior is just going to turn people away from both companies; which is something that Google may not be so concerned about, but Microsoft really can’t afford right now.

    • Anonymous

      You got is right:
      Google, Focus on Android legal issues.
      Microsoft, Focus on Windows phone 7 and Windows 8 marketing.

      • http://twitter.com/rdubmu rdubmu

        Google: stop copying other people’s patents and create your own.
        Microsoft: keep creating patents and put them in your devices as you are, then sue the hell out of anyone who is coping.
        Apple: Keep creating fantastic hardware.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, Yes, someone got it right again, Microsoft – more patents – polish marketing techniques. Apple – nice looking hardware – think about going back to 3G design. Google – copy one to perfection before moving to the next.

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  • Gibbo

    XP support in IE9 should me OSX support for IE

  • Anonymous

    Events, QnA, Soapbox, frameit are great examples.

  • Guest

    OeCare is not dead it is Microsoft Security Essential and free for everyone and works even better than OneCare.

    XP Support in IE9! Really? You count this as Dead? Time to move on to modern new OS not stick with an old OS from decade ego.

    Courier was never exist (at least officially) and no one ever had the actual device to call it dead.

    Zune Player still they are selling it and every Windows Phone is now Zune Player as well plus Zune software exsit and works perfectly and is in the center of action for all Windows Phone devices.

    Yes Microsoft have graveyard like that too, every compnay has, but this graveyard is wrong for many reasons!!!

  • http://fxfp.com/ Alex F.

    None of the Microsoft’s graves is as major flop as all of the Google’s.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KTAHVKS2RNDWTQPHQEJALLRNEQ Adam Paris

    This is the real MS Graveyard guys.


    • Anonymous

      Money is missing from Microsoft’s graveyard and what about Kin? If ever there was a flop Kin is it!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KTAHVKS2RNDWTQPHQEJALLRNEQ Adam Paris

        KIN is indeed MS’s biggest flop. But like i said before, thats just a product that didn’t sell well. I dont know if it would fit in the list. 

        • Anonymous

          KIN and Bob I think. But KIN was a great product that game with the wrong service.

    • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/s_a_r_k_i_s sarkis chamelian

    Microsoft has a Grave yard….LOL, the only thing that needs to be there is Microsoft KIN ! Googles like Apple in stats…they really know what they are talking about….haha !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Milad-Bazzaz/100000479683479 Milad Bazzaz

    worst graveyard ever for Microsoft with lot of ridiculous victims…

    zune is dead? lol
    IE9 in XP is a dead project? lol. Why not add some more dead projects like IE9 on Windows 95? or IE9 on Linux while we are at it.
    Since when are RESEARCH projects an actual dead? did you ever get to see a courier?

  • Impartial

    the only real flop was kin, and even that was planned as it was a disctraction to the awesomeness that WP is. 

  • Arthur

    I would have put Windows ME 6.5 on there as well.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is a pathetic counter-attack to Microsoft.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ronny-Bryant/100002223485798 Ronny Bryant

    Courier never made the graveyard as it was never a consumer product; Spaces & Soapbox have are now basically known as MS Live; Zune players still exist in the form of Windows phone, users of Zune have not been left in the cold as they still have access to Marketplace and apps were never a strong suit of a Zune, music and videos are.

    I think it is also important to note that services MS offered that are no longer offered sometimes migrate into something bigger.  Can one really say that MS graveyarded XP support in IE9?  Isn’t it more like MS graveyarded XP making support of IE9 nonessential?  Your argument is like saying MS cancelled Microsoft Plus and that left people out in the cold, but they didn’t, you can find MS Plus ideas in Windows Ultimate Extras in Vista – either way, it would leave no one in the cold by leaving it out.I think you should focus on REAL items that MS graveyarded that never stood a chance and never turned into something greater, like Bob, or MS Phone (yes, MS actually made a landline based phone with software that actually had amazing features – way ahead of its time) or Kin and its software, although hints of Kin and its software will be found in Windows Phone and Skydrive.There is a stark contrast in ending a products life and making/migrating it into something better versus ending a products life and NEVER seeing a trace of it again.Just sayin’… 

  • Franklinbluth

    The funny thing is I’m familiar with / aware of all of the Google products that were axed, but only a couple of the Microsoft ones.