Target Delivered Few Xbox One Units To Customers Much Earlier Than Expected

Xbox One Target


We are still two weeks away from Xbox One launch in the US. But few lucky people have already got their Xbox One delivered to them due to their pre-order. Yes, retailer Target has sent this Standard Edition console their way weeks ahead of the official November 22nd launch. While everyone doubted whether their console will work without Day 1 update, YouTuber MoonlightSwami has already downloaded the 500mb Day One update on his console and started posted videos and photos of his console working on Twitter.

Microsoft has already banned his Xbox Live account, I guess he has to wait till Nov 22nd to continue enjoy his Xbox services!

via: Endgadget

  • donzebe

    Just have to wait.

  • Emily the Strange

    wow… what a stupid thing of this store to do. I mean its still 11 days before the launch… how can they be so stupid?
    and again… once again… why these idiots get to upload content they shouldnt? they know the stupid launch is not today, why would they upload a video? im glad Microsoft blocked it. but stil… I hate how stupid people can be.
    and Microsoft… why would they give the 1 day update before lunch? thats a silly thing to do, especially when stupid stores can send the stupid Xbox Ones before lunch. and then stupid idiots will post videos knowing they shouldnt.

    oh I just read Microsoft banned his Xbox live account… haha Im glad they did that too. but it was a mistake of Microsoft as well, they should provide he update closer to lunch not 2 weeks before.
    Im glad the idiot posting the video is being punished!

  • lgriao

    Why ban? He did something out of law?

    • Emily the Strange

      he uploaded the video on internet, and he showed alot of things he shouldnt have… you know, its not only about Microsoft, its also about he revealing size of games people have no Access to…
      the launch day its until nov 22, Microsoft banned his console (not his account) so they will lift it when launch comes…
      this guy should have know it was going to happen the moment he tried to seem cool posting and leaking stuff he shouldnt have done.
      he accepted the ToS when he turned the console on, so yeah… Microsoft has the right to do it, and probably just lift it in 22, like major Nelson hinted.

  • elpadr1no

    well I hope he gets his account back or is refunded. He did nothing outside of the ToS

    • PoohGQ

      Yeah! I can’t see how they would ban his account when it wasn’t his fault that it was sent 2 whole weeks ahead.. I hope they rectify the issue before it becomes a PR nightmare for Microsoft.

      • Emily the Strange

        maybe you should research a Little before talking and saying “PR nightmare”… you just sound ignorant.
        but it wasnt even the Xbox live account being banned, it was the console!

        • PoohGQ

          Well, knowing how the media has been so critical at all things Microsoft, you just never know what to expect. I don’t mean to say Microsoft made any mistake or did anything wrong. They may have to answer if it gets blown out of proportion..

    • Emily the Strange

      it wasnt his account… it was his console. and Microsoft has right not to offer him service until nov 22, so again… its fair, and this guy can wait just like he was supposed to. the one screwing up was Target sending it in the wrong date.
      his account is not the one banned, this article is wrong.

    • Avatar Roku

      Story is false. His console not his account is banned until launch day. He posted that he is still able to play games online on his Xbox 360.

  • xBoxtop

    After barring the account PR should have rebated his console ang gave him as many new games as possible instead of pissing off a customer MSFT marketing and PR is the worse