Microsoft Research teases Wearable Multi-touch Projector

OmniTouch allows interactive multitouch applications  on any everyday surfaces, whether its a wall or a notepad or even hands, arms or legs!  In addition to the projection system being depth-sensing, there is no instrumentation of the user or environment, allowing it to be used by anyone in any environment with no hassle. Furthermore, a wide variety of interactions are enabled- so you can ‘click’ or hover your fingers over the interactive area to command the OmniTouch. 

The technology is being developed by Microsoft Researcher Andrew Wilson who will be demonstrating it live during the Verge Show (as shown below).

It is clear that the technology needs much miniaturisation, but with smartphone based Pico projectors one can imagine this interface could eventually find some application in the real world.


  • Sohit Pal

    that is amazing!

  • Cave Johnson

    Cool tech, but that Joshua Topolsky is kind of a jackass.

  • Breakingillusions

    the future of windows phone going to be amazing

  • Randy Williams

    They should put them in some glasses now that would be sick.. Like how it was in Ultraviolet..