‘Terrorists love Gmail’: Former CIA director Michael Hayden

This is a story by the NYDailyNews, I’m simply going to posts some excerpts without any commentary:

How do global terrorists keep in touch on the Internet? They use Gmail, just like a lot of other people on the planet.

Michael Hayden, former director of both the CIA and the National Security Agency, said the free email service offered by Google is the most popular communication method among radical insurgents across the world.

“Gmail is the preferred Internet service provider of terrorists worldwide,” Hayden said Sunday during a speech at St. John’s Episcopal Church, across the street from the White House. “I don’t think you’re going to see that in a Google commercial, but it’s free, it’s ubiquitous, so of course it is.”

Hayden’s comments were in defense of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, under which U.S. intelligence agents spied on private emails and Internet chatter around the world.

The controversial spying program was made public earlier this year by former NSA consultant Edward Snowden.

“We have a very difficult time with this,” Hayden said, before asking “Is our vision of the World Wide Web the global digital commons — at this point you should see butterflies flying here and soft background meadow-like music — or a global free fire zone?” The Washington Post reported.

NY Daily News

  • Jeff Hung

    I’m pretty curious about what targeted ads the terrorists would see in their Gmail? Cheap assault rifles? Discount passport? North Korea arsenal yard sale?

    • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin


      “Resorts in Pakistan?”
      Rent Zero Dark Thirty cheap!

      • Tips_y

        You and Jeff Hung actually made me laugh out loud LOL!

    • Yuan Taizong

      This comment is genius, now you’ve got me thinking too,
      probably something to do with plain-tickets.

  • azone

    How is this “Microsoft News” ? I root for MSFT ‘cuz they are the underdogs in some key areas now but posting stuff like this on the rivals makes little sense for folks like you who aren’t typical fanboys.

    • Rikkirik

      Well I guess it actually does. Recent documents from NSA showed that Google, Blackberry and Iphones emails services are being hacked by the NSA. Microsoft’s email system was not mentioned. This might mean that MS emailsystem has not been hacked by the NSA, making MS emailsystem the most secure service in the world. This news proves once again, that NSA is indeed hacking Gmail. This former CIA agent has also failed to mention MS, giving credibility to the contents of the documents regarding this issue. This benefits fanboys and especially those who are not fanboys of Outlook, because they might want a more secure system than that which Google offers. If ever Gmail users we’re doubting Gmail because of privacy issues, too many adds in Gmail, too many criminals on Gmail etc, this might give them another reason to have a good look at MS Outlook.

      • Heiner

        Are you *really* that stupid ???

        It’s a serious question

      • SocalBrian

        Actually those documents show Microsoft to be one of the first companies to be on board with the NSA.

  • Dave

    “Gmail is the preferred internet service provider of terrorists worldwide”……hmmm where in the world does google provide internet provisioning ????

    I feel sorry for the Americans, they are becoming paranoid now that China is becoming top dog

    It’s a real shame that they wasted trillions on weapons over the last few decades and still have a 3rd world healthcare system

    Is he speaking from experience considering the Americans are considered terrorists by many countries the world over ?

    • Rikkirik

      You must surely come from China or North Korea. Only a chinees or North Korean can have such a narrowminded and confused view of America. And yes, he speeks from experience. Enuff said

      • Dave

        Actually I’m from neither place you mention.

        Have you ever read what the American use of chemical weapons done and is still doing in Vietnam.

        Or how about the countless TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent civilians killed in Iraq or Iran.

        “narrowminded and confused” is certainly not my view………..the problem is most Americans believe their own propaganda……

        PS when you say “And yes, he speeks from experience. Enuff said”……you just validated my point…………..ask someone with a better command of the English language to explain what I was inferring.

        • Rikikrik

          You don’t seem to understand that every country believes their own propaganda. But to do as if Americans are worst than other nations is a big mistake. Most wars have throughout history been waged by other countries, whether they fought with sticks and stone, or with chemical weapons. Most of the times America has tried to put a stop to this insanity, whether it was their own wars or wars started by others. But we do not live in the past anymore, this is the future. Bashing America does not conceal the fact that again it’s mostly America who have to stand up for the human rights of others and try to stop this meaningless slauthering of people. It’s time other nation stand up and stop these wars in their own backyards. The US gave Europe the opportunity to do just that in Sevrenica and they failed miserably, the toll: 8000 deaths. The US had to step in and stop it. The US has been urging European, Asian and Arab nations for years to deal with their own problems (for example terrorism in India) etc. Look it all up in the history books. Yes, America has it’s faults, but certainly no more and maybe much less than other nations.

  • Mythos88

    That is what they would like the terrorists to believe. So presumably they must have Gmail completely cracked.