The First Xbox One To Be Sold Is Currently Guarded By 20 Sharks In New Zealand

Xbox With Sharks

We all know that Xbox One is releasing on Nov 22nd. Due to time differences, New Zealand will be the first country to launch the Xbox One. So the first official Xbox One will be sold in New Zealand. To guard this special console, Microsoft New Zealand has placed it inside a shark tank at Kelly Tarlton’s SEA LIFE Aquarium in Auckland which has over 20 tiger sharks.

Microsoft will take this console out of aquarium on launch day mid-night to hand it over as the first officially sold Xbox One.

via: IGN

  • Summer

    Well.. its officially the “First”…. but as i read before: Some people seem to have theirs already.

  • SategB

    Marketing BS as reported by Microsoft-news Target already delivered some.

    But Ballmer and the boys showed them by banning their accounts like an xbox ninja screaming “take that loyal fanboy possession is only 9/10 of the law!”

    • nohone

      If anybody has a f-ing clue what he is babbling about now and can translate into a language someone who is not paranoid and without delusions of grandeur, I would appreciate it.

      • Daniel ‘sRc’ Cheney

        Target shipped out some preordered Xbox One’s early. People that were logging in with them were getting automatically banned (because that’s what the Xbox Live system’s set up to do for Gamertags that aren’t authorized for running OS versions not yet marked as released). but Larry Hyrb took over and worked something out for those people so they could use them

        • nohone

          I know that. I meant if anybody could translate the part about how Ballmer, possession being the law, and all that other stuff. SategB likes to tell us that he and Ballmer hang out, he is an adviser to Paul Allen, among other things. But he doesn’t miss a chance to create a conspiracy that his good bud Ballmer screwed up somehow, how if Allen had taken his advice Allen would be much richer, etc.
          However, with all these important jobs he has, friend to Ballmer, adviser to billionaire business men, his implied powerful business prowess (he is always “explaining” to us how business really works), his knowledge of the inner workings of companies such as Apple, after all that he still has the ability to slum it with mere mortals on a web site such as MS-News. Where does he find the time?

          • SategB

            If part of Allah’s work; to help the less fortunate, educate the masses and help encourage the meek.

            And may I say I have missed you little one… Allah Ma’ak

          • annalisedyy264

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    • krayziehustler

      If he just used the system instead of instantly sharing it on Social Media then his account would not have been banned.

  • blackhawk556

    I think this is awesome :)

  • scotthumble

    I would just want to be able to dive in with the tiger sharks to get it myself.