The New Sexy Microsoft Accounts Portal

The much awaited (atleast to me!) overhaul of Microsoft accounts portal is here.  Microsoft’s old Billing portal was like a website designed in 90’s, but now it has got a clean new look and awesome unification across various Microsoft accounts (Props to Rafael who noticed it first). The portal now unifies all Microsoft accounts such as Hotmail, Xbox LIVE, Zune, Office Live and even Windows Azure accounts. You can now have an overview of purchases and subscriptions made across all Microsoft services under this new portal. Check it out yourself and enjoy the new experience.

via: Withinwindows

  • Beezer

    I noticed that in the top right, under my name I have:
    CA – Personal Account, and then if I highlight I have another optionUS – Personal Account.

    As far as I know, I have a Canadian account, and when I select it, it shows everything. But when I choose US, it only shows my Xbox purchases.

    I buy stuff on my WP, and on my Xbox. And when I went for Zune, a long time ago, it didn’t let me, cause it was Canada (and I wanted the Zune Pass).

    This is weird. I wish I could change my market, and that’s gonna let us do that?

  • Tom T

    It’s not accounts

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, I was wondering why I couldn’t accedd the page.

      • Asian Handicap Betting

        maybe theres a problem in your internet try to reset it 

  • Anonymous

    i´ve been using this site for so long that i thought it was old news lol! but still missing some features.

  • EShy

    it’s interesting they didn’t merge that with the website. perhaps because the brand won’t last much longer

    • Ageless Male

      Yea, I read somewhere that Microsoft will soon retire the Live brand. :)

  • Waterbeds

    i wonder how sexy it is?