The New Start Menu Is Coming Only In Windows Threshold Which Will Be Released In 2015


We hours back we reported some information on the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 2. This update is expected to include minor improvements and bug fixes. It will be released as part of August patch Tuesday updates. Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet today reported few more things about this update.

  • Microsoft initially planned to release Windows 8.1 Update 2 as a major update with the new Start Menu, but dropped the plans few months back.
  • This new Start Menu will come as part of Windows Threshold which is expected to be released in Spring 2015.
  • Microsoft is unlikely to deliver a third update to Windows 8.1 later this fall

Based on the report, Microsoft Windows team is now more focused on delivering Windows 9 instead of delivering another update this year.

What is your expectation from Windows team?

Source: ZDNet

  • X

    I don’t think they should spent more efforts on updating windows 8, it would be more likely free update to windows 9 after all.

    • JohnCz

      If they do offer a free update, it would likely be a service tied sku we haven’t seen before.

  • Guest

    I hope they make it an option to have this new start menu, because the start screen is much better for my ultrawide 21:9 desktop monitor where I have more things to select than a menu

    • Orc

      Im pretty sure it will be optional, because I so no point with the old start menu in terms of effectiveness.

  • tofferne

    No need to spend energy and time to update 8.1 when we will get a new Treshold (9) I like my 8.1, it’s a great system, but can also understand those people who complain about it and doesn’t like it.
    Most old people and people who only use a PC for a minimum – with XP or 7 – they had big problems, and it’s a lot of people globally.
    It’s the same about companies, it’s a big and expensive change for them, before all employees find the way around in the Windows 8 system.
    I’m sure it will be much more easy and interesting for everyone with Treshold, and people can choose.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    That’s okay, leaves more time to fill in other gaps in windows 8 via the uservoice page.

  • Mikado_Wu

    Typical Microsoft, too slow to the market.

    Though I prefer the start screen anyways.

    • reKitab

      “… too slow to the market…”. “…I prefer the start screen anyways…”.
      Are you not contradicting yourself here?

      • Mikado_Wu

        All a matter of point of View, hence why I wrote it in two lines.
        Do I prefer the Start Screen – YES
        Do the majority of the Tools of the worlds want the Start Menu Back – YES.
        Microsoft is loosing Market Share everyday. I love Most of their Software and support them. That said, I am not sure of their new direction for consumers.

        Microsoft Must React faster and make better tools. Look at the Video and Music Apps, plain terrible. NEW VIDEO App just got deleted. it is beyond crap.
        Refusal to listen to the Zune users, they are devoted, it was Marketing that killed Zune.
        People want the Start Menu back – Bring it.
        The longer they take, the more people the loose.

        • SpicyMikey


  • Asgard

    I see this as a problem. They dropped it to have more efforts for 9… So they must be falling behind schedule. And that’s bad. I’m pretty sure 9 will not RTM 3/2015 like MS had originally planned.

  • SpicyMikey

    Full support for the mouse/Keyboard cannot happen fast enough. Windows 8 was always a half-baked product and is a failure because of it. None of our business customers are going to Win8 (at least not willingly). This delay hurts Microsoft and they should push to get Win9 out by end of year or put out the full start menu as a WIn8 Update

    • tofferne

      I´m very sure they are rethinking everything, and they have dropped all these people ind the leading group who is responsible for all problems

      • SpicyMikey

        I hope that’s true but we’ll see. Microsoft just keeps shooting themselves in the foot. No one makes perfect decisions all the time because no one can predict the future or how competition will challenge you. But they continue to make whoppers.

        If they had done a focus group of their business community before releasing Win8 they would have clearly known this was not going to be accepted. So they either failed to take basic steps to ensure the product was what customers wanted OR they thought they could somehow force the customer to accept it.

        Maybe in the 90’s that would have worked. But Microsoft doesn’t control the conversation anymore. They need to realize that. I think Nadella gets it. Balmer was from a different era and it’s good he’s gone. Should have left 8 years ago.

        • tofferne

          Yes in the past 8 – 10 years Gates and Balmer was really poison for the company – sleeping mode. Now Nadella change everything – they start to listen the people / us who are user, everything is in – quick developing mode.

  • freeiam