The Official CBS App Now Available In Windows Store

CBS Windows Store app

CBS, a popular American commercial broadcast television network has released their official app for Windows 8/RT devices in Windows Store.


Watch FULL-LENGTH, HIGH DEFINITION EPISODES of some of your favorite CBS shows with the CBS app for Windows 8! Enjoy primetime, daytime and late night episodes, clips and photos from America’s Most Watched Network.

When available, catch NCIS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, Elementary, The Young and the Restless, The Late Show with David Letterman and many more. Use the ‘My Shows’ feature to quickly access content from your favorite shows when they have been added to the app.

With CBS Connect, you can join the conversation about CBS programs. Use the Primetime Schedule to learn what’s coming up on CBS and never miss a moment!

The CBS app includes these features:

* Full Episode Streaming in HD
* Personalized Show List
* Live Social Feeds
* Photo Galleries
* Primetime Schedule

Download the CBS app now to experience all of this and more!

Show and episode availability subject to change. Some shows available 24 hrs after first airing, others available 8 days after initial broadcast. Please note use of the app is limited to United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE, and WiFi networks. Data charges may apply.


•Full Episode Streaming in HD
•Personalized Show List
•Live Social Feeds
•Photo Galleries
•Primetime Schedule
•Easily share your favorite videos and photos with friends!

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Although this application isnt’t avialable in the Netherlands, yet,
    I am happy to see more T.V. apps on computers, I’m certain that this
    is the future of T.V. Channels (or maybe just ”media channels” in the future).

    C.B.S. has many great T.V. shows and as Time-Warner is the only one who has a major set of T.V. channels on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console I hope to see more cable-/satellite-companies producing apps like these with D.V.R./TiVo functionality to release a true interconnected landscape for all devices and that we don’t have to chose between Traditional-T.V. and its internet-alternative anymore as they will become one.

    One of the great features that sets the app apart from the actual T.V. channel is that you can make a personalized list, call me crazy but I believe that by the end of the decade we won’t have to wait until say… 22:00 to watch a film but can just stream it on our P.C.’s and that it ”will be avialable from” instead of ”aired from” and that we don’t have to watch old-episodes but can easily just stream whatever we want whenever we want, this is already a reality for many apps and we can expect this to expand. Of-course it won’t be bound to Desktop P.C.’s (Windows 8) but also to Smartphones (Windows Phone) and video-gaming consoles (Xbox 360) and you can stream a personalised list within the entire platform.

    Of-course, the C.B.S. app in itself is just a step forward and it’s great that this will also make Windows Tablet-P.C.’s more competitive Vs. the Samsung/Anycall Galaxy Tab and the iPad who are often used as media-streaming devices and are considered to be ”entertainment before productivity”, Microsoft has historically always favoured productivity, but today we can have both, so we don’t have to chose for ”entertainment devices” like the previously mentioned Tablet-P.C.’s (or Slates, or ”Post-P.C. devices” as Steve Jobs called his mobile devices and Macs and Macbooks), I can’t wait until it’s avialable here on Dutch Windows 8 P.C.’s, I got it via my digital-cable network since last year and most American channels have only been here since the beginning of this decade and some of them are really enjoyable, but I hope that our P.C.’s won’t take as long as our T.V.’s, but for now I can enjoy having the C.B.S. Sports app (although I hate watching Sports, but I support C.B.S. so I’ll support the app) and I can watch Netflix (although morally I hate them because they praise Apple products as magical all-can-do devices, and look down on Windows and Windows Phone).