The Official Facebook App For Windows 8/RT Devices Now Available For Download

Facebook Windows Store

As announced earlier, the official Facebook app for Windows 8.1 devices is now available in Windows Store. Both Windows RT and Windows 8.1 users can download this app. This Facebook app looks similar to any other official Facebook app. You have got the menu on the left with chat list on the right. You can access all of the features like Check-in, Photos, Groups, etc.

  • Your friends are always at your side, even when you’re using other apps
  • See what your friends are up to
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Get updates on your Start screen
  • Share updates and photos
  • Chat and have group conversations

Facebook app also supports Share Charm integration which allows you to send the photo you are viewing on Facebook via email, etc,. It also supports the new snap mode functionality in Windows 8.1

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • sri_tech


    One less app to haters(tech media, fandroids and isheep) bitch about.

    Windows 8 has got twitter and facebook apps before android tablets.
    I hope flipboard will also be released today.

  • HypeZ

    Can’t download it, maybe because i still have Windows 8 and not 8.1 but it says i don’t have the minimum requirement (i don’t think is an hardware limit, i have a i5 ivy bridge)

    • emansky

      I read somewhere that you need 8.1. was able to download min on my RT running the RTM 8.1

    • hysonmb

      I have 8.1 and it cannot be found. Maybe they pulled it already?

      • High Heels

        It’s there. Just search the store for Facebook.

        • hysonmb

          I’ve checked from both my desktop and Surface with no luck. I’ll try again after work today, maybe it’s just not available on the servers I’m hitting yet.

          • High Heels

            I just searched the store and installed it. It was second app in results… I was also able to find it on Windows 8, with the notice, that I don’t have the minimum requirements.

          • hysonmb

            A lot of times, MS releases apps and they aren’t immediately available on all of the servers in all of the regions.
            When I search for it, I get a list of 1,000 apps and none of them are official. I’m in the US on the East Coast, probably just have to wait a little while here. No biggie since I have to head off to work anyway.

    • High Heels

      Yes, you can’t install it on Windows 8. The headline of this article is misleading…

  • Inception

    The link to the store doesn’t work. It says:

    Sorry, we can’t find this page. The address might have changed or been removed.

    • High Heels

      Just search the store for Facebook… You guys can’t figure out so simple thing?

      • Inception

        Sorry, Search for Facebook in the Store gives you 1975 apps.

        • Bugbog

          But only one of them will be from Microsoft/Facebook.

  • Davey

    Message when clicking the “Install” button on my Surface RT running 8.1 preview…
    Purchase error
    Sorry, this app can’t be installed. Your PC might not meet the minimum system requirements or might be out of date. Check Windows Update to make sure you have the latest updates installed.

    • High Heels

      Very likely might not run on preview.

      • GG002

        Then why do I get the same message on my PC, where I still run Win8.0?

        Update: Yeah, it appears you need the final version of 8.1.

      • Davey

        Indeed you are correct! Once I updated to Windows RT 8.1 it installed just fine.

  • Rasool Shaik

    I have installed it successfully. The Link to the app doesn’t work. So you need to search it manually in Store. Also you should have Windows 8.1 full version. 8.1 Preview or 8 will not work.

  • NegLewis

    People need to stop using custom apps instead of official web pages.
    Web Pages are more secure, has full functionalists, features++.

  • Autum

    I can’t install this, I keep getting error messages.

    • Autumn

      The error is “Something has happened and this app couldn’t be installed error code: 0x80070490