The Successful Lenovo Yoga Model Is Getting Updated, Now Known As Yoga 2 Pro

Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 1 Lenovo Yoga Pro 2


Lenovo is updating its successful Yoga model. The new model is called Yoga 2 Pro and it is thinner(15mm thick) and lighter (1.39kg) than the previous models. The Yoga 2 Pro will come up to Intel’s 4th generation Core i7 U series processors. The main highlight is the 13.3-inch IPS 178° wide angle, 16:9 QHD+ 10 point touchscreen, that has a screen resolution of 3200 x 1800.

You can configure up to a 512GB SSD for storage and will come in signature Grey or Clementine Orange colors. Lenovo has also addressed the biggest complaint, the new Yoga 2 Pro comes with backlit keyboard.

Yoga 2 Pro will be available running Windows 8.1 beginning in October starting at $1,099.99 (U.S.).

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Users will instantly notice the Yoga 2 Pro’s impressive, eye-popping 13.3-inch display: Its QHD+ super high resolution 10-finger touchscreen displays images in 3200X1800 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio, equivalent to four times the visual clarity of the original Yoga’s HD+ (1600X900) screen and the highest screen resolution on the market today. The 350-nit screen features IPS 178° wide angle viewing for great views from nearly any line of sight.

Unbelievably thinner and lighter than before at 15.5 mm thin and 1.39 kg, the extra mobile Yoga 2 Pro lets users easily enjoying computing in each of its four modes: laptop, tablet, stand and tent. Yoga 2 Pro also features advanced technologies including choices of up to Intel 4th generation Core i7 ULT processors, Windows 8.1, up to 512 GB SSD, Intel WiDi for streaming content wirelessly to a TV, Dolby Home Theatre v4 and up to nine hours of battery life1. It also features a new backlit keyboard and comes in its signature Grey or Clementine Orange color. The recently introduced Yoga 11S will also be adding choices of up to 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors.

A full-function laptop and tablet, Yoga 2 Pro infuses new smart features including Yoga Picks, a concierge-like tool that suggests suitable apps based upon the device’s mode, custom apps and voice control. For example, in tablet mode, Yoga Picks suggests apps like Birizzle, a popular touch game, and Zinio, an e-reader. In tent mode, it offers the painting app, Fresh Paint and Rara music streaming. Additionally, Yoga 2 Pro comes with apps created especially for its four modes. In laptop mode, Phone Companion lets users copy content from documents or websites/pages and send the information to their phones as a text message. Yoga Photo Touch allows users in tablet mode to edit or retouch photos using their fingers on the 10-point multitouch screen. Built for stand mode, Yoga Camera Man lets users take photos with effects like lomo, 4-in-1, macro, GIF and more to photos, and Yoga Chef in tent mode taps into Yoga 2 Pro’s motion control and voice control to advance recipes from cooking apps. Also available for Yoga 2 Pro is the N700 multimode wireless mouse, sold separately, that rotates 180° to double as a pointer so users can switch between desktop work and presentations.

  • IamDefiler

    This is on my list of future laptop/tablets along with the Surface 2.

  • Guest

    wow finally OEM’s a starting to step up! Hop it has a good quality screen and not like the Acer

  • Allan Cantillo

    Nice laptop, everything related Windows 8.1 is looking awesome.

  • Spiko

    Damn, no pen support. It would be my next purchase if it did. Looks like I’ll hold out for surface 2.

    • Yuan Taizong

      When Microsoft invented the Tablet-P.C. back in 2001 they have always envisioned it to be stylus-orientated, look at the software on Windows XP Tablet-P.C. Edition (and later Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) it includes a plethora of extra pen-centric apps, clearly most hardware makers haven’t got the note, yet (–_–)

  • Yuan Taizong

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to use Windows 8.1 (Blue), now I’m having regret buying my notebook/laptop the moment Windows 8 came out, they made superior hardware later, although this regret is easily outweighed by the awesomeness of the O.S. and Cloud-integration of it, I love Windows 8, Microsoft and worship/adore Steve Ballmer for my presently outdated P.C. anyway, hardware is obsolete after 3 months in the tech world, I’m glad Microsoft is now issueing yearly releases of Windows, this will make them more competitive in both the software and hardware (as each next release has higher minimum requirements) markets.

  • Aman Bhullar