The Surface Pro may just have passed through the FCC


Engadget has just noticed a Microsoft tablet passing through the FCC which is most likely the Microsoft Surface.

The tablet runs Windows 8 and has a number (1514) which is only 2 less than the 1516 number associated with the Surface RT.

The FCC approval clears the way to a January release for the Intel tablet, which is now expected at the end of that month.

See the entry at the FCC here.

  • ustudio

    good just saw the surface today for the first time , in person at best buys, I love that we are seeing touch screens coming online even in laptops , I saw the asus, sony and samsunq. For me its either the surface pro or nokia, or htcs offerings, even tough they all looked cool, still don’t understand why rt cost as much as it does, considering that there were $249 androids sitting next to the rt that looked just as good

    • The__Truth__Hurts

      Might not be a “fair” comparison.

      Tegra 3 or S4 powered, 32GB memory, 2GB storage. Tablets like that will cost you at least $400, if not more. Then throw office in, which is almost like $100 worth of software.

      RT tablets, once you factor in everything are really quite a good deal.

      • Problem

        The problem is average people doesn’t care at all about processor, RAM, etc. Specially in tablets! They see a crappy Android that looks reasonably good for about half the price of a Surface. It’s an easy choice for them. Go for the cheaper!
        Specially when Android is considered a good tablet Operating System (for some reason I don’t understand) known and recommended by a lot of people and Windows RT is giving it’s first steps (most people don’t even know there are Windows 8 and Windows RT)

        • Bugbog

          Unless otherwise “exclaimed” I consider all ‘low cost’ Android tablets to be junk!

          • just

            They’re Junk, period! I have a Nexus 7 and I don’t know how I got a malware, and the only apps I installed came from Android market place.

        • The__Truth__Hurts

          1) You have several smaller tablets that cost significantly less. Like the Nexus 7, etc… Surface RT? Kind of comparing a Ford F150 to a Mini. Sort of two different machines.
          2) There are several “no name” tablets similar in size for a lot less. But those typically are not top sellers and most people don’t go for them, even when they are significantly less

          Android slates similar size, known name (Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, etc..) begin around $300. Well, more like $350.

          Go into walmart, Target (to an extent), Office depot, Best buy, etc.. I easily see tons of android, nooks, fires & iPads. IF they have a Windows slate, it is the Asus RT slate.

          Surface RT, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga 11, Asus VioTab RT and the other RT tablets. Those need to be at least in every Best Buy, Office depot and similar stores. Followed by atom powered tablets and “i” powered tablets.

          Exposure. That is what needs to happen. I saw: throw out all the cheap POS laptops (under $350/$400) and replace those with RT tablets and such. Do that, and people will see those and start buying em.

  • ustudio

    oh yea the main reason for the pro is 1080p rez, and native app support. I use Sonar x2 as my daw and it needs 1080 rez to view everything with out scrolling, gonna be strange on the small screen though

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Now, if they could bundle the type cover. And also have a 7+ hour battery life like the Acer W700.

  • disqustingtard

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