The Surface Review for the average man


Robert Johnson from Betanews has attempted to write what he calls the Surface review for the average user.

He writes:

You see, I’m your average user. I’m the average Joe user with a strong interest in the field of technology. I don’t care about pixel densities, or all the other niggles on performance tech geeks fight about all the time.

What matters to me: Does a particular device allow me to not only consume content but create it as well. And Surface accomplishes those two goals tremendously well. I write this review on a Surface RT using Microsoft Word in Office 2013.

The review shows that despite being an iPad and Google Nexus 7 owner, the Microsoft tablet rapidly won him over, mainly due to its productivity advantages.

He concludes:

Simply put, Surface RT is better than the iPad and here’s why:

Allows for a connection to a second screen. I mentioned this earlier but you can connect an external display to Surface using the micro-HDMI port. This allows you to put the Start screen on one display (Surface), while you work in the desktop on the other screen.

Includes a full version of Microsoft Office. I could never write a review of this magnitude on the iPad. Think about that for a moment. Even though Surface is not fully a PC, since installation of desktop apps is prohibited, it is much more capable at creating content, if for no other reason than full version of Office 2013.

Adobe Flash support. Internet Explorer on Surface supports Adobe Flash for approved websites. There’s no need to install an extension (which is prohibited anyway). Flash comes preinstalled and is automatically updated by Microsoft.

Connect to 400 million external devices. I have a wireless printer that I did not have to install drivers for. Surface simply found the peripheral and allowed me to print to it out of the box. Microsoft created a website that allows you to check if your device will work with Surface.

Integrated Keyboard. Although there are myriads of external keyboards you can connect to the Surface, two models come with a detachable keyboard cover.

Multiple User Accounts. These are not profiles that work under the same user account. These are completely separate user accounts that allow each user to customize the environment to his or her own liking. Additionally, this allows each user to sync settings, calendars, email, bookmarks and other preferences. By contrast, iPad is limited to one account only.

Fully Functioning Windows Explorer. The desktop contains the full Windows Explorer experience that allows you to connect to HomeGroups, as well as any other devices on your network for moving or viewing files on your Surface, or for pushing to your Xbox 360.

He ends:

Surface is fantastic. There’s no tablet like it on the market. If you’re looking for a mobile device that allows you to play casual games like Angry Birds and write a book report in Word, Surface is your choice. Concerned about apps? Don’t be. The Windows Store is new and surges with quality apps at an alarming rate. Some are even exclusive to the Windows platform.

Surface RT is not a full laptop replacement, but it’s definitely more capable than iPad or Android tablets.

Read his full review at Betanews here.

I have read on a multiple occasions that the people who love the Surface love it for its immense productivity benefits in a tablet package. Is that what attracts our readers also? Let us know below.

Thanks JameSB for the tip.

  • ellenq

    I could not agree more. I was listening to music, tapping out a work document all in a cafe while my USB port was supplying the pictures for my document. No wires, no extra gear. Awesome stuff.

  • Drewidian

    I got one for my wife, but I got to play with it to test for work and I’ll be the first to say that it is superior to all other tablets in many ways. Its Windows. The only issue is that you can’t run any app that isn’t from the store. We’re going to use it and the pro version in our enterprise to replace desktop workstations, laptops, and iPads. Its going to be an interesting year.

    • J A

      Yep, waiting for the pro as well at our enterprise of thousands of employees worldwide. People who got iPads have returned them over time because they have “become less productive” since they got the devices and IT could not manage/track the devices. So the Surface Pro cannot arrive soon enough. I hope MS is ready to handle the demand.

  • Wyn6

    My fiancée’ watched Russell Peters’ standup on Netflix. Afterward, she wrote employee assessments for her job using OneNote while listening to streaming music. She also played some games, hit Facebook and dropped some pics she needed professionally printed onto a USB stick.
    That’s a lot and outstrips most other devices while not even being the majority of what you can do with this device.

  • jimski27

    Yes. The ability to connect any printer, external drive, etc. Is huge. Move files on and off the device from almost anwhere; the Cloud, a USB stick, a Network server, another workstation, even my phone, without any proprietary software. Word 2013 is a bonus.
    Face it, all other tablets are basically readers and Game Boys. The Surface, along with the other RT devices, are that and so much more.

  • Gara

    I love my Surface RT !!!!

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    Just perfect review like all the other coming out now by either average joes or tech reviewers who don’t have an agenda(Pirillo) or are super biased(verge, gizmodo, etc.). I am just so happy to see a review deserved by the Surface.

    If you liked this one you should see this Average Jessica review..!!!

    Another great review..!!!!!!

    • Lasp24

      anyone else see nothing but horrible quality video?

      • alukard

        yes, but you get the point.

  • Gavin Tom

    They really need to get the surface out to consumers through better channels. But I guess they are gonna hold back because of OEMs. Stop straddling the fence microsoft!

  • tharok2

    I love using my surface as well. It is a very versatile device. There are only a few apps I miss from a mobile app standpoint, but they will come and the current lack of them don’t prevent access to the same content on a web page or within a web application using either of the amazing browsers.

  • alukard

    Everyone that has experienced my Surface now want one, and I did let them use the device for a long time to get the feel of the system as a whole. It an amazing device and the apps are pouring in.

  • Lewis McCrary

    The more I read the more I want one. Holding out for Pro pricing and perhaps even a price drop on the RT one.

  • littleteapot

    Anybody else get an update for Office RT? Go to windows update on the desktop and look for updates…