The Verge look at Windows 8 hybrids, remain dismissive

The Verge have posted an except of their show, and in the above segment they look at a variety of Windows 8 hybrids, including the Microsoft Surface, Ideapad Yoga, the Asus VivoTab RT, the Toshiba U924T and a few more tablets.

The video shows them to be rather dismissing of what in most cases are rather beautiful devices that I would be proud to be carrying around.

Lets hope, as is very likely, adoption of these devices increase rapidly and sites like the Verge end up eating their words.


  • TWPandora

    This video is so insulting. I rarely go on the verge now because their Microsoft bias is so obvious. I love this site. Thanks for updating and maintaining it. (Writing from my Surface, on the couch, on my lap with Type Cover, yes Josh, you can!) PS if Apple came out with Type Cover it would be the biggest revolution since the iPad.

    • xSpartanx
    • koenshaku

      Yeah it is amazing they should the name to I actually realized they were the same apple humping fools from engadget and decided to stop going to their site after the Nokia Lumia 900 site. If you listen to their podcast they will bash MS products then a guy will say “I just finally got my iphone 5.” Then it is like a ritual of joining that takes place there.. They’re absolutely ridiculous. they do admittedly have a good sense of humor though…

  • Windows 8

    When The Verge opened shop I thought that it would be something trustworthy, but I have been so sorry that they came into being, even the comments there on their site are mostly insulting to them coz of their bias towards iDevices.. !!

    I think that they are doing a negative campaign so that more and more people discuss about them ( just like that fool Cirrilo ) and thus earn more ad revenue !!

  • Chris Jeong

    Could we stop with the Verge crap? They gave W8 a worse ecosystem score than an iPad(or iOS can’t remember). That shows me credibility = 0.

    • Pacifica1

      On the Yoga review ecosystem got a 9.

      • Chris Jeong

        u r right W8 got 9 iPad mini got 10. Still ridiculous tho.

        Edit: iPad mini review :

      • G1

        Which is less than 10 for iOS? Are you kidding with me? W8 ecosystem score is less than iOS? or even who thinks that Mac OS X score is equal to W8?

        • Pacifica1

          Phone and tablet os =/= computer os. They’re rated on ecosystem for their respective platforms.

          • G1

            The respective platform for Mac OS X is Windows 8! Isn’t it? are they equal? I don’t think so!

          • Pacifica1

            You were comparing W8 to iOS. They’ve never rated OSX.

          • G1

            you can read my last sentence!” even who ……”! you just check the review of MacBook pro retina!. you will find the ecosystem rate!

          • darthtigris

            The clear bias and hypocrisy is a complete joke. Tom Warren thought he could change things from the inside and hopefully he now realizes that he made a grave mistake. The Verge is broken, and I apologize in advance for putting a link to their site here so they can get more traffic. But its to prove a point.

          • Pacifica1

            Again, your confused. Software =/= Ecosystem. Software is the OS and how it performs, Ecosystem is apps and supported hardware/peripherals. Thank you, and goodnight.

    • koenshaku

      Yes which is so hypocritical it is pathetic, because the entire reason they score windows phone low is because of apps. Windows being the largest ecosystem in the world and the most customizable. With support for all of everything OSX apps are always second rate I used to run windows 7 in parallels every time I used my MacBook pro at work. Then I decided to just put it aside, because the virtualization is doesn’t support the hardware properly with touchpad gesture etc.

  • opensutu

    The only one I trust from the verge is Tom Warren he is the founder of winrumors before switching to the verge and Joanna stern but she moved to ABC

    • Bugbog

      Not anymore. Once you join a collective, you are subject to peer pressure. Both conscious and subconscious.
      If you note, all his articles have a negative slant or query, no matter the subject!

      • ricardo057816

        Agree. The man got no balls.

      • JNawaz

        Even the Mobile Podcast people: Dieter Bohn, Vlad Savov and Chris Ziegler used to be good. Unfortunately they also folded.

  • Joey

    Sadly the Verge website is a “kiddie blog”. Rather than acknowledge the merit for all technologies it perfers to be a Apple “goon squad”. It is really sad, I was hoping for something so much more than their opinions and bias continiously presented as “fact”. Sad rubbish. I pass the Microsoft Store this evening, the placve was packed out and a lady in the front bought seven Surface devices in one go. I’d say not many people give the Verge much credit. Sadly it deserves little.

  • Bilal Khan

    The Verge folks can say/do what they want, I could care less… I spoke to a couple of committed Verge readers (and ‘coincidently’ Apple fans), and It was clear to me that some of them are just too used to discussing semi-facts in a protected (bias-ridden) environment. The fun is when such people go out of their way to argue their points, and simply fail at presenting real tangible points, just “Steve Jobs said X..”
    That said, I decided to buy a Surface Pro. It was a tough call between it and the Lenovo ThinkPad 2 (and ASUS VivoTab). Can’t wait!

  • Ef Jay

    Lets hope they disappear from existence entirely rather than just eating their words. Bunch of twats.

  • Broc

    A bit of over reaction going on I think. I thought it was pretty funny, and I don’t think they were overly negative. The one thing they consistently don’t get is that people like to have choices, and even though apple has been successful with a one size fits all mantra, their success has not translated into sustainable, dominant market share in any of their products. That’s ok because they charge up the butt for their stuff. But Microsoft lives and breaths because people have different needs and want different options.

    • Noël Cain

      I wish there was some way you could convey this message to those fruit loving verge bloggers, I can’t read that site anymore

  • Noël Cain

    that’s it! im not reading the verge anymore, Microsoft and their partners should BOYCOTT the verge, that was the most hateful biased snide back handed presentation of Microsoft products yet,
    if and regardless if apple had already done it, if and when apple makes transformer mac hybrids the verge will treat it better than sliced bread with unwelcomed praise and adoration.
    everyone who has affinity or is loyal or invested in Microsoft products should boycott the verge as well until they learn how to do fair tech journalism

    • Pacifica1

      Way to hyperbole. They were having fun showing off the products.

  • tkadrum

    No worries. If you go to the Microsoft store, you will see people are buying the Surface left and right. As the holidays approaching, Microsoft will do well despite these idiots and their reviews. The Turb(Verge) are apple/google paid blog. I stop going there now, just couldn’t stand their biased reviews.

  • Schooner1984

    I heard they will be changing names to iVerge soon.

    • noël villagrana

      ha ha ha! right!? now i want to go back on there and comment to my fanboys hearts content spewing iverge iverge iverge!

  • disqustingtard

    The verge is just a bunch of fuckwits, no need to promote that site.
    If anyone gets bored please write some malware to target them, thanks.

  • arrow2010

    OMG what a substance-less video. I’m embarrassed for the Verge.

  • warex3D

    I will still going to The Verge and comment no matter so many shit they said about Microsoft products.

    • noël villagrana

      to represent msft? thats cool, but too tiring for me

  • Not Steve

    These guys should stick with writing blog posts, IMO. Generally speaking, they have a bad screen presence (especially the guy in the middle who, ugh, thinks he’s funny, but is SO obnoxious)

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    The Verge, just like mr Onoura of the website Windows8update are very baised towards Microsoftproducts and are not able to do a qualitative and objective review, the fact of the matter is they don’t even know how to. They just do not know what they are talking about, yes they have a learned a few tricks on their Apple products, just like a dog learns tricks, but do not know what really is important or what really matters. Just read the following review of Paul Everton, CEO of Yapmo, which creates enterprise software applications that are social media mobile/tablet apps designed to solve specific business needs. He gave the Microsoft Surface a try. Enjoy.
    I hope the Verge and mr Onoura will learn how to write quality and objective reviews. The article is found on the website of Huffington post (originally) or wmpoweruser (great webssite by the way if you are thinking of dumping windows8update).

    “”I decided to give the Microsoft Surface RT running Windows 8 RT a test drive. Be warned: I’m not your typical tablet consumer. My company, Yapmo, creates enterprise software applications that are social media mobile/tablet apps designed to solve specific business needs. So if you are looking for a review of the Microsoft Surface on how great it is to read a book or play on Facebook, I suggest you read something else. If you are interested in hearing how the Microsoft Surface stacks up against business use from a very critical business user, then read on.

    I really didn’t think I would like the Surface RT, but I thought it would be great for presentations of Yapmo’s software product. What better way to present brand new enterprise software than on a brand new Windows 8 tablet? I have owned iPads, iPhones, and all sorts of laptops in between which means my expectations are high.

    Initially, a few things turned me off about the Surface RT. Before I bought it, I read the specifications and I thought how can I live without certain features? Now I have come to realize why Microsoft made the design decisions that they did.

    No GPS sensor. At first I thought, “How could they possibly not include a GPS sensor? How am I going to use this for navigation?” Then I remembered, I already have a GPS and Google Maps on my phone, how many things do I need tracking my location?

    No Gmail or Google Calendar Apps. My company uses Google Apps — what a nightmare it would be if I couldn’t get email on the device. Thankfully Surface can be set up with Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts using Microsoft’s pre-installed Mail, Calendar, and People apps. Sweet!

    No 4G connectivity. Being forced to tether the Surface to my phone or a 4G hotspot is a problem. I’m hoping this will be addressed in the future. Adding 4G will of course affect battery life.

    Camera quality is lower than most mobile devices. This problem is minimal. Having an 8 MP shooter on my phone means I always have a great camera on me. Also, anyone who pulls a tablet out to take a picture looks ridiculous. The cameras are great for video conferencing and standard work needs.

    Of those issues, the only big negative is the lack of 4G connectivity. If you’re thinking about getting a tablet for business, you should strongly consider the Microsoft Surface. I have been using the product now daily and here are the features I love:

    1. Microsoft Office

    You would think this is an obvious one, but just the addition of Microsoft office has made this a device that can actually stop me from pulling out a laptop. All other tablets I have owned in the past were strictly devices for consuming, not producing content. To give you an example, I am using the Surface right now to write this blog post in Word. On any other tablet I would have given up after the first two sentences.

    2. Type cover

    Microsoft Surface offers two cover options, a touch keyboard and type cover. The type cover is a keyboard that has tactile buttons that go up and down. The touch cover is like typing on glass. My typing accuracy was atrocious with the touch cover, but the second I used the type cover, I fell in love with it. It adds only two millimeters of thickness, and with it I can type as fast as on my laptop.

    3. USB connector

    A couple of days ago, a vendor came into my office to give a PowerPoint presentation from a USB thumb drive. I connected my Surface tablet to the conference room projector, insert the thumb drive and immediately we are off and running with the presentation. Surface handles USB native file browsing beautifully.

    4. Form Factor

    I have read a ton of critical reviews about not calling the Surface a tablet but to call it a laptop. These are just flat out wrong. Does it feel like an iPad in my hand? Yes. Can I lie down on the couch and read a book or website with the feel of a book? Yes. Does it have a touch screen with a touch optimized OS? Yes. Can I carry it around with one hand all day and feel like I’m carrying a small notepad? Yes.

    This form factor might be the perfect blend of leisure and work device. If I am just lying around and reading through documents, PowerPoint, websites, books I just tear off the keyboard and throw it next to me and enjoy reading. If I am working on a creating a document, I snap on the keyboard and kick out the kickstand and it instantly feels like my laptop.

    5. A real file system

    This might be one of the most important features. iPad’s inability to share files between apps is frustrating and ridiculous. With Surface if someone sends me a word document and I want to download it to a folder and access it with 10 other programs I can do it with ease! This is another place the Surface wins hands down!

    6. A real browsing experience

    I have become numb to mobile device browsers failing on all sorts of websites. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Surface will load every web page, no matter what (content?) it’s running. A good example of this was sitting on my couch the other day watching TV. I wanted to order a pizza from Dominos (yes, I know I live in Chicago and this is a sin to like Dominos over other pizza restaurants). In the past, this site never worked on any mobile or tablet browser I have used. While I waited for my pizza I opened up Amazon EC2 and also checked the status of our server infrastructure. Finally, something that doesn’t show me half the page or fails to load key functionality.

    7. Apps, Apps and More Apps

    Initially, I thought that the lack of apps was where the Surface would really struggle. My assumption here was only half true. When you have a tablet that has a full web browser that can load anything, the need for apps greatly diminishes. Instead I just went to my favorite “Apps” on the web and pinned them to my start page. Now I get the full experience of everything, and not some slimmed down version to make it an app.

    8. Telepresence or Instant Messenger

    At Yapmo, we use both Google instant messenger and Microsoft Lync internally. Lync is really a telepresence application that allows us to quickly chat, video chat, white board, and share desktops. The application created for Surface seems to work extremely well for us so far.

    9. Battery Life

    I have no complaints on the battery. I have been using the tablet constantly throughout the day and it will usually last 10 hours before recharging.

    10. Cloud Files

    While I love having a file system on my tablet, I also know the importance of saving and sharing files in the cloud. Microsoft Skydrive does this seamlessly with the Surface. Even saving this document to my Skydrive was a breeze.

    The Microsoft Surface RT is a step in the right direction for tablets for business use. I finally have a tablet that doesn’t cause me to reach for my laptop every time I need to do work. But there are still places where the Surface struggles.

    1. VPN Support

    The Surface RT appears to support standard VPN protocols, but to set them up seems to require some work. We do some fancy routing with our VPN, so the standard Microsoft Surface VPN tool just won’t cut it for us.

    2. Running standard Windows applications

    There are multiple things like Webex or other Java based applications that we use daily that we can’t get to work with the Surface. This might change in the near future, but for now I have not found a solution for this.

    These two reasons keep me waiting for the Surface Pro, even though I don’t like the added thickness for the Pro version. Microsoft has done a fantastic job trying to pull together consumer needs and business needs. If they continue to go in this direction, they will turn the entire tablet world on its head.

  • sumedh

    probably apple pays everyone at Verge….

  • JimmyFal

    The marketplace probably won’t be so dismissive. We’ll see. I gave up on the hipster douchbag thing a while ago. I’m sure these guys are nice enough but I’d have to meet them in person to feed them back some of their own and really find out.

  • Gavin Tom

    These new hybrid devices are freaking amazing, I am a hardcore techie and the surface impresses me more and more. The Verge seems to be pretty biased.

  • Neil Beytagh

    You guys are to Apple as Fox News is to bigoted and close-minded Republicans. Don’t be scared to move forward into a new era of tablet computing – Apple will be ok without you. Your obvious obsession with all things Apple is very transparent…

  • Willy Contana

    that video was anything but professional. it was insulting. frankly, it showed off just how biased they are towards Apple products – which is fine, but points out that their reviews of other competing products should not be taken seriously. they simply are not credible. this is unprofessional journalism.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    iPad 4th generation reviews are coming out. Almost all say it is the “best large screen tablet money can buy”. Alright, I have no problem about that. But when I begin to start digging into the article/review, the only thing the iPad 4th generation has over the Surface RT tablet (and equivelents and also with these android tablets as well) is the amount of apps. Basically the ONLY THING the iPad (4th generation) has over the other tablets is the amount of applications. That is literally the only thing.

    Everything else? The other tablets are right on par with the iPad, if not better.

    Is the applications a HUGE THING? Here is the thing. The Web. Yes, Android/Windows are getting (bashed) heavily for not having the apps. But here is the thing. A lot of the websites are so much better than the (mobile) app. It is far better to do whatever on the WEBSITE than the mobile app!!!!! And with the surface (don’t know about android tablets), you can just pin that website (like an app) just to the home screen. This is not for one app, but thousands upon thousands of apps. Basically the website is far better than the mobile app and there is no need for a mobile app there.

    Ultimately, there “killer advantage” is really not a killer advantage. And most people will find that with the websites and what is in the store, there is plenty.

    Basically what is going on: Google and Microsoft (and their OEMs) are making (obviously) superior products. But the media who is hugely apple fans are trying everything to “drag down” Google and Microsoft down to Apple’s level. “oh, this tablet isn’t near as good as an iPad.” (when obviously it is on par if not far superior).

  • dudu

    They are like beavis, butt-head and s.h.i.t-head from iTeam

  • TJ Calingasan

    What do they know? I mean come on, just because they use a computer doesn’t make them real geeks.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    Wel i agree with The Verge on the Lenovo and the Toshiba. Its f’ing ridiculous formfactors, no one will buy these and if someone does, they will regret it. Biggest reason being, build quality and overall tightness of the device matters and crazy hingers and plastic don’t add up in that mix.

    Surface and the Asus taichi has the best solutions. The Asus Vivo Tab fails because of the hinge raising the keyboard, making it easy to slam, push and break.

  •!/Shiny.Pixels ShinyPixels

    J.T always gets a hard on for any opportunity to diss MS took engadget down the iRabbitHole probably doing the same with the verge now

  • BigBernard

    Hipster cunt.