Then there were 3–RIM may be scrapping the Blackberry Playbook


The Blackberry Playbook has not exactly set the world on fire, selling only 200,000 in their last full quarter (even Windows Phone sells better than that!) Now a rumour, started by Collins Stewart analyst John Vinh, is spreading that Quanta has halted production of the low-in-demand QNX-based tablet.

In an investors note he said:

“While Quanta last week acknowledged that it had laid off a significant number of production workers from a factory focused on producing the PlayBook, our research indicates that the ODM has essentially halted production of the tablet, Vinh wrote. “Additionally, our due diligence indicates that RIMM has cancelled development of additional tablet projects.”

RIM has called the rumour “pure fiction”, saying:

“RIM doesn’t typically comment on rumors, but any suggestion that the BlackBerry PlayBook is being discontinued is pure fiction. RIM remains highly committed to the tablet market.”

Microsoft is planning to re-enter the tablet market with Windows 8 in 2012.  The market is currently dominated by Apple, with Android tablets generally not selling well and HP completely stepping out of the market last month.


  • Sake

    Android tablet are selling pretty well. At least the Asus Transformer and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.
    Though, after also having owned an iPad and now owning a Galaxy Tab 10.1 + Acer W500 with Windows 8 Developer, I predict the future is Windows 8 tablets.

    • J A

      You pretty much summed it up. All of the current tablets in the market are nothing other than toys that cannot get anything productive done but Win8 is that and more because you can also run desktop applications on it such as Office suite, Adobe CS suite, Developer and word processing and pretty much anything you can do on PCs today and also have a tabelt UI whenever you want to put all of that away and just use it as a tablet.

      In my opinion, Blackberry is dead; whether it be the playbook or their mobile phones, they are not going anywhere but down.

      • Anonymous

        I agree BlackBerry (Playbook included of course) is dead. I would say it is before android. Blackberry at lease still have enterprise market which change slowly.

  • Anonymous

    So much for MS being late to the tablet/mobile PC game.