Three releases a video tour of the Asus Vivo tab RT tablet

  • the person

    we are two weeks away from these hitting an still no pricing….this is absolutely stupid.

    • koenshaku

      I agree.

    • TimoTim19

      The price is $599 starting at 32GBs. Its important to note that this device also has NFC, MicroSD, USB, stereo speakers and comes with Office 2013.

      • the person

        and no iPad user cares about that stuff except Office, which they have heard may come in March 2013.
        Stop being a Microsoft apologist, price gets people in stores, and people will not look at this device if it is the same as an iPad.

        • TimoTim19

          LOL…im a MS apologist…you sound just like you came from the school of Steve Jobs. You say iPad fans don’t care about those hardware advancements that the iPad lacks (typical), but you are not understanding that MS isn’t just selling these tablets to those interested in an iPad…they are also selling them to those looking to replace their laptops, notebooks and netbooks…those actually looking for a PC replacement/new PC. Matching the 32GB iPad in price is fine because it simply offers more than it. Had this device been 16GBs like the 16GB iPad, then it would have been $499.

          • the person

            half of the US owns a tablet or smartphone (Pew Research, look it up) Therefore, Microsoft HAS to make conquer sales. You don’t do that by throwing up a product that is the same price of the incumbant, then trying to sell on features that thus far people using the incumbant have had no use for.

          • TimoTim19

            Your funny. Their are only 90 million iPads sold WORLD WIDE, and that’s in 3 iterations. Their are way less when you talk Android tabs…yet their are well over a BILLION Windows users WW. Like I said, MS is first and foremost selling these new hybrids to those billion, then simple iPad type owners.

  • skruis

    Looks thin, light and fast: all good stuff.

  • sammy summers

    I totally agree with @person +1000

  • NegLewis

    This is a priceless Tablet.
    I love it.
    Do not mind people who are asking for a final price.
    They simply do not get it: For AGES people were asking for a more “Apple Like” 😐 MS – meaning: Open, Free, easy to boot other OS’s, Productivity – all in a slim and beautiful packadge.
    For this to be happening a company needs the 5’th element: SURPRISE… == secrecy.

    • the person

      sorry bub, in the public’s eye there is only one Apple. This tab is showing up on Tiger direct now for $599…the same price as a similiar iPad. Sorry but that won’t cut it. You need price to get people’s attention.

      • TimoTim19

        I disagree. Matching price on the iPad is all they NEED to do. The Vivo Tab runs circles around the iPad from a functionality and capability standpoint. It runs Office 2013 with a proper file system and you can connect many external devices to the tab using standard ports. Theirs no question it has more value than the 32GB iPad. You’ll instantly come back with “but the fans don’t care about any of the stuff”, in which Ill say that’s up to MS and its OEMs to get that message across. While its true that many wont understand these benefits at first, they will get it over time as Windows reach is vast.

        • the person

          oh yes…Microsoft just does a GREAT job on marketing../sarcasm
          If Microsoft wins by default because people are just upgrading their Windows PC that will be a very hollow victory.

  • JimmyFal

    This is what this new market is all about, period. $600 done deal. Anything more than that just means it will get to this price point pretty soon. These devices will sell, Retina displays on such tiny devices don’t mean anything. Office 2013 and a keyboard with long battery life and portability, MATTERS. Anyone complaining about the fact that it won’t run legacy Windows apps need to understand that many viruses and malware ARE legacy apps. :)

  • TimoTim19

    I’ve already made up my mind that I’m getting Surface RT, but this is pretty impressive as well. Love the back of the device with the metal finish and it looks very thin and sleek.

  • Joe_HTH

    Can these OEMs please stop using the Tegra 3. There are better processors available like the Qualcomm S4 Pro, OMAP 5, and ARM Cortex A15. Why use a Tegra 3 which is using the old Cortex A9?

    • the person

      cause it allows them to regurgitate their Android transformer crap without any R&D necessary, then double the price and make mad profit margins.

  • MarcSilverTriple

    Consume and create… Windows 8 and WinRT are really well done for that… Personnally, it will be going in between 3 potential devices… Surface, Vivo Tab RT and Vivo Tab. Absolutely not sure which one is going to be mine… And this is not a question of price…