Tim Cook Tweets A Photo Showing That Mac Production Line Uses Windows For Manufacturing

Tim Cook Windows

Tim Cook recently made a visit to Apple’s factory in the USA where they are producing few Mac models. During inspection, Tim Cook tweeted the above photo showing a worker doing his job at the factory. You can see from the iMac behind that it is running Windows. So ironically, Apple Mac production line uses Windows in their factories.

  • LexicoRed

    This is awesome and truly symbolic of the company’s strength; Microsoft is the great company that supplies the tools and infrastructure for other companies do what they do best and return reach their greatness.

    It is important that technology is not a zero sum game just because one company is successful it does not mean another company needs to fail. Company just need to know what makes them successful and keep focus on it.

    • Don’t fear the future

      Great post. It is right on the money.

      • Joe_HTk

        Yes, well done.

    • Nathan Novak

      Sounds like the Bill Gates saves Apple quote.

    • WPhan

      This is the type of thinking more of us needs to embrace. While it is fun to think Microsoft is in some sort of battle against the world the fact is they just need to focus on their strengths and do them well.

  • RoadOfMajor

    And Microsoft engineers use Macbook Pros (via Bootcamp) and iPhones. Full circle :)

    • X


    • VHMP01

      They must in order to understand crapware!

    • FUD Hater

      No, I don’t. And nobody I know outside of Office for Mac uses them either.

    • donzebe

      Microsoft and Apple have never slept in separate beds.

    • TryllZ

      Well at Microsoft they have option since it doesn’t affect the company in anyway, but at Apple do that have a choice ?

  • Kevin

    As a factory integrator I can assure you that there is not a factory assembly line out there that doesn’t use windows to some extent. Unfortunately many of them are still running windows XP systems with custom software that is either difficult to upgrade or nearly impossible sometimes. but with the great ecosystem that is windows it will just get better and better with touch screen and windows embedded on the factory floor.

    • smity smiter

      This one looks like XP too.

  • seezar

    no wonder since apple’s s icloud uses Microsoft sql server :)

    • LaTtEX

      Ah, it’s not SQL Server, it uses Azure :)

      To be fair though parts of iCloud are also using AWS

    • Zicoz

      Not really sure if that is something to bragg about 😉

  • donzebe

    Well Windows for now is the universal language, It is needed at the backend for things to run smoothly.

  • ListenUpGuys

    I remember when it got out that Apple hardware was designed on Windows. Immediately afterwards, Apple paid Siemens to port the NX CAD package to Mac OSX. Funny stuff.

  • Emi the Strange

    Well I see more Windows than boring osx, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have thought it was windows, but if it is… that’s just funny. and it shows where the true powerful OS is.

  • Rilnuk

    I find that my OS of choice varies, depending upon the task at hand. Often times, it’s simply a matter of available software.
    At work, I have a Mac I develop my applications on, a windows server collecting my application’s data from the PLCs, and a Linux server hosting the app I’ve been developing.

  • gufort

    Many haters of MSFT these days. True the company has its own problems and defects. But, if you shut it down like many haters would love, world will go back to the 80’s. There are replacements, but they are years behind.

  • peterpulmonary

    If the picture had been taken with a proper phone like Nokia 1020, you would be able to zoom in better and see what version of windows it is more clearly.