Top Windows 8 tip: Share your apps with other accounts on your tablet/PC


Windows Phone 8 has the ability to let a Guest account use your apps using the Kids Corner feature.

It turns out Windows 8/Windows RT, including the Surface, has the same ability, allowing you to set up an account for your kids and install only selected apps onto their account.

To install apps you purchased on other accounts on your tablet:

1. Log into your second account on your device.

2. Open up the Store.

3. Open up Settings.

4. Click on Your Account.

5. Click on Change user.

6. Log in with a Microsoft account that has already purchased apps from the store.

7. Swipe down from the top and select Your Apps.

8. Select an install any of the apps that you had already purchased with that account. Don’t worry, it doesn’t download the apps again, so it doesn’t take up any more space.

Our tipster, Mr. Brown, notes he did this on his Surface tablet and now has a second family account that his kids can use, and be sure they will not mess up his own apps and settings.

  • techieg

    Cool, trust MS to enable great account/profile management. Let me see your tablet(s) do that.

  • kurtsh
    • Chris Brown

      Your welcome! I think this is a welcomed feature that the other tablets cannot do.

    • Chris Brown

      Btw, I just read your article about your surface falling off the roof of your car. That’s crazy! I can’t believe it survived that.

  • Weifu Yu

    He must be sarcastic.

    • kurtsh

      Yeah. This article has a surprising number of coincidences in it.
      1) The article above opens with a comparison to Windows Phone 8’s Kid’s Corner… exactly as I did.
      2) Step 7 distinctly says “Swipe down” – not WinKey-Z, not ‘Reveal the Apps Bar’ – but the words “Swipe down”… exactly as I did.
      3) The steps are written nearly identically. Step 8 even explains that the app installation ‘doesn’t actually redownload the app’, all in the same step… exactly as I did.
      I put a fair amount of work into that post which is why I recognized the above content immediately.

  • R

    i just tried the above procedure but everytime i open your apps it says cant open right now please try again later”.