Toshiba: Microsoft Confused The Market With A Couple Of Different Flavours Of Windows

Toshiba Kirabook

Speaking to The Australian Mark Whittard, managing director of Toshiba Australia accused Microsoft for confusing the PC market with couple of different flavours of Windows. He said that the consumers bought Windows RT devices and discovered that they had to buy a different suite of apps which is because Microsoft’s marketing didn’t educate the consumers enough. He also cited the low Windows 8 device sales due to lots of Windows 7 devices that were already in channel  and high costs associated in producing touch panels.

He said consumers also were wary at the price jump going from Windows 7 to Windows 8, a gap that increased further when Windows 7 computers were discounted to clear.

“They were going even cheaper than the traditional RRP (recommended retail price), so the gap wasn’t just the $100 or $200 from non-touch to touch, it was $400 and the customer’s going: “Hang on a sec, that’s starting to get unpalatable, that price differential, and I’m not sure about this Windows 8 thing’.”

“And also remember that business historically doesn’t move to a new operating system until two or three years later.”

Besides all the above comments, Toshiba announced a new range of Windows 8 devices which includes some 25 ultrabooks, notebooks, tablets and all-in-one computers that will go on sale in Australia from next month! Impressive work from Toshiba, but I think they were little late.

Source: The Australian

  • Bugbog

    Very late! And even though they are making an announcement, I’m still not getting any message of any particular Win 8 machines coming from them, just the same old!?

    But of course, it’s still Microsoft’s fault!

    • arcana112

      You must be living under a rock then:

      Toshiba Kirabook is the only touchscreen win 8 laptop offering 2560×1440 resolution. Probably the best spec-ed win8 machine out there.

      • Bugbog

        Nope. Heard about it last month. But now it’s disappeared under a rock, and I’ve not heard anything of it again!?

        Where is it? Where are the videos of it? The Press reviews? Early “Leaks?”

        Nothing?!! Just another round of the blame game!

        It’s known, and been shown, that you don’t need to “show” the O.S. of a tech product in order to sell it to the masses. All you need is a U.V.P. and a good marketing campaign!

        To a degree, “everyone” already knows what a O.S. looks like (and, more often than not, how to use one), however, what people require is a good reason to purchase YOUR product. And that’s got nothing to do with Microsoft!

        (And, after all, having a “poor” O.S. sure hasn’t hampered Samsung in selling it’s Galaxy devices?)

      • Adrian

        That’s the first time I have ever heard about it

  • surilamin

    Total bullshit. Toshiba could have defined the market. Just like Microsoft is doing with the Surface.

  • lol3452

    I would love to bang my mothers friend in the ass on her coffee table.

    • surilamin

      with a Toshiba laptop on the coffee table? Did you post in the wrong place lol

      • lol3452

        Yes and watch ultra hardcore porn on Toshiba’s ultra hardcore quality screen.

  • Albert

    Toshiba has become lazy and now want to blame Microsoft. My last 3 laptops were all Toshiba but they have failed to offer anything new with windows 8. So I am of to buy a pc from a company that is interested in keeping up with the times.

  • Asgardi

    How RT confused anyone because RT devices doesn’t virtually even exist (except for surface RT).