True Fan: Man Runs Into Burning Home To Save His Xbox

Gamers  are always passionate about their consoles. Whether its an Xbox or PS, they just love them. A man in Kansas city in the US found that his house was on fire on Friday morning an he was engulfed in flames. He rushed out of the house and then later again ran into his home. Guess, why he went inside?

He went back in to grab his Xbox! Yes, he was ready to risk his life to save his gaming console. Fortunately, he is safe now as he suffered only from smoke inhalation as he rescued the gaming system from his home.

The fire caused $80,000 dollars in damages and hopefully his Xbox is working now. If not, I won’t be surprised if Microsoft gifts him a new Xbox One.

Source: ABC15

  • DaiaX

    I believe in humanity. Oh wait ..

  • LexicoRed

    This acturally makes us XBox owner look bad, complete idiot

    • zahrans


    • Tips_y

      Before the xDiots, there were the iDiots, so you’re in good company;-/

  • chris.c

    And thats’ how we know that the man who wrote “X-BOX” isn’t quite a fan.

  • Jeff Hung

    “Must save my Xbox, otherwise how could I order Domino pizza?”

  • Jeff Hung

    BTW, I don’t think Microsoft should reward him anything, not even a keychain or a mug. Marketing or PR shouldn’t encourage consumers to do dangerous things.