Tweak Your IE9 To Better Suit Your Needs

As Internet Explorer 9 gone live today, users from other browsers may feel the lack of add-ons and customization. Here is a must have add-on and a customization tool that will definitely improve your IE9 experience.

1) Speckie:


Speckie is a light weight spell checker tool that brings spelling correction to IE9 which may be handy when you are updating your facebook status  or blogging or tweeting. Its very light and doesn’t slow your web experience.

You can download Speckie here.

2) TweakIE9:


TweakIE9 lets you customize Internet Explorer 9 in a really simple way. You can set no.of shortcuts in new tab page along with what sites you want to load,etc. Its free too.

You can download it from here.

Enjoy the Beautiful Web With Internet Explorer 9.

  • Guest

    Not impressed with Speckie so far.

  • Matthew

    Speckie doesn’t appear to work on facebook, but is working while I’m typing this comment.

  • Tester

    Also include
    and how to include a TPL

  • Jessie Anderson

    Thank goodness for speckie!

  • Jessie Anderson

    Speckie doesn’t work all the time which kind of sucks…

  • Raj Somarouthu

    some of you might be using a 32 bit IE on a 64 bit machine. When you install IE both the versions are installed it seems.

  • Carol Chisholm

    so how can I hide the facebook ticker?