Twitter Testing Bing-Powered Translation Feature

Twitter confirmed it was testing a tool to automatically translate tweets using Microsoft’s Bing search engine. In the implementation, tweets appear in the original language, with the translated tweet in smaller text below it (with a powered by “Bing translator” label). “To make it easier for people around the world to connect with each other, we are beginning to experiment with Tweet text translation,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

Bing provides a similar service for Facebook.

Source: AllThingsD


  • WixosTrix

    Microsoft was smart to expand Bing from just beyond search and make it a service. It now translate Facebook and Twitter posts and will be powering Siri is iOS7. 2014 just might be its year.

    • blackhawk556

      every time we think one of microsoft’s products are about to take off, they stall. if twitter doesnt like the results of its test, this can harm bing’s reputation
      . It needs to perform well so that people see it on twitter, Facebook, and siri and look at it as a legitimate alternative.

  • Ann

    I’m seeing it in twitter for WP8. It’s nice, but I don’t know if there’s a way to set which languagues I do not want to have translated (since I understand English pretty well, for example).