Type Covers For Surface Will Come In Multiple Colors

Information about the Surface and accessories continues to trickle in as we approach the Surface launch event on September 23rd in New York.  This time we learned an interesting fact regarding the type covers.  When Microsoft originally launched the Surface last year, the touch covers were available in five different colors: magenta, white, cyan, red, and black.  There were also limited edition touch covers made available later on which included special designs on the back and some were even specific to certain markets, but in the same five colors.  The type cover was only available in black, however, Microsoft has seen a lot of user demand for type covers in different colors and had stated they would consider making colored type covers at a later time.

Well it appears Microsoft will make the Type Cover available in multiple colors.  Sources have not confirmed what colors will be available exactly.  At this time we know white and black for sure with the possibility of magenta, cyan, an red.  The possibility of limited edition type covers is also unknown at this time.  The pricing of colored type covers is expected to be $130.  The launch of colored type covers should coincide with the launch of Surface Pro 2.  The colored type covers will be backwards compatible with the generation one SurfaceRT & Surface Pro, unlike the new Surface Power Cover (which is only backwards compatible w/ gen1 Surface Pro and not SurfaceRT)

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via Brad Sams

  • Yuan Taizong

    ¿Weren’t they already in multiple colours? Hah, I thought Microsoft firgured this out last year, well, better late than never.

    • frankwick

      the TOUCH covers are in colors. The TYPE cover is black only.

  • Tips_y

    Please add Ferrari yellow to the selection.

  • AS147

    Did it really need to take THAT long ! FFS MS did it need that much imagination to do what you did on the touch covers at the same time!
    Oh well at least they are going to do it. Just in time for me to buy my type cover with my Surface Pro 2. I was going to purchase a touch cover because of the colours.
    Clearly more colour is the fashion as we have long got bored with silver black and white.

  • Rico Alexander

    About freakin’ time.