UBS Analyst: Microsoft Sold 1 Million Surface RT Tablets Last Quarter

UBS analyst Brent Thrill estimates that Microsoft sold 1 million Surface RT tablets in the last quarter. He halved his previous Surface sales estimate of 2 million units. He says that people prefer iPads over Microsoft Surface and also lack of enough distribution affected Surface sales. Microsoft is selling Surface through its physical retail store and its online store alone.

Thrill was also cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Intel based Surface Pro devices which will attract enterprise over iPads.

via: SAI

  • blackhawk556

    not sure if I should believe this. I hope they did sell this many at least. MS did drop the ball though by not highlighting the advantages over android and iOS in its commercials. Instead of showing the dancing kids ad still, they need to actually talk if what it can do.

  • Ammier

    not bad for a 1st gen product

  • Joe Easton

    Also, it should be noted that MS has released it to Staples and Best Buy to be sold on their websites as well as in their stores. My Best Buy has it displayed on an end cap right next to the iPads. I think this side by side comparison can help them win over consumers. However, everyone will continue to flock to iPad until the apps appear or people stop caring about apps.

  • soggybiscuit

    Ouch, heads will roll

  • Bugbog

    I’m fairly certain at least 2M devices were produced, so selling half is quite probable.